This infographic looks at the use of paid search ads during the 2012 presidential campaign. How much did the internet search play in the election? Did Americans search for the candidates? Which candidate spent their advertising money wisely? The infographic may answer some of these questions.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

I think the design of this infographic has an antique look to it that makes this whole election seem like it happened 50 years ago. I like the black and white pictures of both Obama and Romney head to head. I think the use of their faces incorporated into the images give the infographic some humor. I appreciate the use of the red and blue colors to distinguish the different candidates. I believe a lot of work was put into the design of this infographic.

Infographic Information: A

The information is interesting just to see how much the candidates paid search actually paid off in the end. I thought it was surprising that Romney seemed to have spent some money so that his named showed up under paid search results when someone googled Obama. This shows that he was trying to steal people away from Obama. This is just one example of some of the interesting information this infographic offers.

Infographic provided by Rosetta

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