This robust infographic, generously provided by InfoNewt.com, shows data about SAP professionals that was gathered via an annual survey. The earnings of an SAP professional depend on many variables, including their location, education level, and experience, as well as the location of the company they work for, the SAP version they are working on, the industry they are in, and their gender. The survey was conducted by Panaya to help people compare their composition makeup to their industry peers, better understand what drives compensation in this market, and get useful ideas so that they can ultimately increase their value.

The first portion of the graphic is entitled integrator vs. customer. Overall, states the graphic, the median salaries for SAP professionals employed by companies is higher than their counterparts who work for SAP integrators. Gender also plays an important role in how high or low a person’s salary is. Women tend to keep pace with men for about ten years; then men’s begin to balloon while women’s stay stagnant.

What about geography? How does that play a role. Welp, salaries on average are higher in North America. Education absolutely also impacts the level of earnings. People with doctoral degrees earn more than people with lesser degrees.

Ready for the grading portion? I am too. Let’s roll.

Design: A

The design is quite solid. The charts are superlative. The colors shine off the page. Overall, I would say that the graphical elements deliver a well-balanced “punch” to your senses.

Content: A

A stand-up job on the part of the creators here. Taking the data from the SAP annual survey and converting it into a compelling could not have been easy. It would seem that a hearty “Kudos!” is in order.