In 2011, the world’s biggest automakers sold over 58 million vehicles in the world’s biggest car markets. As in previous years, more cars were sold in China than any other country. China boasts a sales volume in excess of 18 million, while the U.S. comes in second in terms of sales volume at almost 13 million. However, in terms of total sales revenue, the U.S. remains the market leader.


Among the automakers, General Motors declared themselves the world’s largest for 2011, with a sales volume of 9.03 million. However, industry experts and competitors maintain that the company’s reported number is inflated and manipulated. GM’s rivals argue that the company’s supposedly leading market share includes approximately 1.2 million falsely attributed units that were sold through a joint venture with China’s Wuling Motors, of which GM is only a minority shareholder. Whether or not these 1.2 million units should be attributed to GM, is open for debate and discourse. However, it is interesting to note that without the 1.2 million units taken into account, the company’s overall sales volume ranking drops down to fourth place. VW, Nissan/Renault, Toyota, Hyundai-Kia, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, PSA Group, Honda & Suzuki round out the top 10 list of biggest automotive manufacturers for the year.

This 2011 Global Car Sales Statistic infographic was submitted by Olathe Toyota Parts Center.

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