Zodiac signs are a way for people to understand themselves and have a reason for their actions. Some people do not believe in zodiac signs but for there are many people who love to read their horoscope every day and what it says. This infographic shows what your sign says about your driving.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B-

Zodiac Signs are an interesting topic to do an infographic on and this one actually looks pretty good.  I think the layout and design was done well by breaking each sign into its own section. Each section had the name of the sign and the dates for that sign. I think it was smart to put the dates so that if someone did not know their sign they could figure it out. Also the background with the stars showing each sign in the stars was nice and really fit with the overall theme. The road signs also worked well with each horoscope in the sections. Overall it was a nice infographic but there could have been a lot more done to this that would make it look even better. It seems to just have enough but nothing that would make it extra special.

Infographic Information: C

The information on this infographic is actually very simple and boring. Most of the horoscopes do not really give any insight and are written poorly. Trying to use road signs as a creative way to talk about our life was a little cheesy. We have all heard the old saying that we are on the road of life so this concept is a little dated. While the information might have been a little cheesy and old it was still interesting to see what my horoscope said about me. I will say that it did describe me well except for the reference to driving where it suggested that I do not pick up hitchhikers. I would never pick up a hitch hiker anyway so this shows how these horoscopes are general and do not apply to everyone. Overall it was interesting to read this info graphic but it was cheesy and not really that informative.

Infographic provided by Nationwide.

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