Being that I’m an American and use USD currency I’m not totally sure just how eye-opening these costs are. Although I’m confident they are crazy expensive on par with any US celebrity, rock star or movie star. And after all, isn’t that what the Royal Family really is…a bunch of celebrities, only they can’t act or sing, as far as I know. I will also never understand the idea of royalty and why they are revered, as it seems a bit silly and wasteful. They are a tourist attraction, as one UK friend of mine said, and that feels about right, but I digress…

As the wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William is right around the corner, just look at any celebrity magazine to know more, it is no surprise that an infographic giving the financial details who will pay for the royal wedding was created. The information tells the story of how the “poor” queen will have to dip into her personal fortune to help cover the costs for this princely matrimony. But you will also see that the government contributes £37 million to the Royal Family each year, so the each person in Britain is a contributing £69. I hope they all get a piece of wedding cake for that.

And while the bride’s parents are usually on the hook for the wedding costs, Kate Middleton’s parents only need to shell out a mere £100,000 for hotel suites, dresses and the honey moon. Not too bad for the wedding of the decade (century?).

At least the infographic tells the honest truth of the matter, which is that this entire spectacle is a…wait for it…a ploy to increase tourism! It is estimated that tourists will spend £620 million on food, drink and merchandise. Yes, the royal wedding will have more tacky merchandise than you can shake the royal scepter at and will be a huge boost to the UK economy.

The ending statement of the infographic reads that the wedding is actually priceless due to the feel good factor. So this festival of love, this merriment of matrimony, this party for the commoners will be a big Prozac for the people. If it does all of that it really is priceless, or is that worthless? I guess it all depends on how you feel about the Royal Family and their lives.

The infographic does a wonderful job of being playful, using over-sized heads on smartly illustrated bodies, which provides a nice comical contrast that fits the royal family quite well, in my humble opinion. The colors are a solid choice using blues and white for the heavy lifting. The typeface used for the larger text is easy to read and fits the good nature of the design. As with many infographics the font used for the smaller text is a bit hard to read just based on the small size, not the font chosen which looks to be Helvetica or Arial.

I wasn’t invited to share in the wedded bliss between Kate and William, but I’m glad I was invited to do this infographic review. God save the infographic!

Design: B

A fun infographic that pokes fun at the Royal wedding and the family but does so in a very professional way.

Content: B

The content itself is interesting, although USD equivalents would have been nice, and there is just enough to make you envious of what you don’t have and shake your head at how those who do have it, spend it.

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