We all wonder when we see the claim that someone lost multiple pounds in a very short period of time. But most of us want to believe, especially if we have a weight problem. These companies are counting on that, and cashing in on the desperation many of us feel who are overweight. Being well informed is your best bet when dealing with these products, and Health Product Failures will inform you about some of the worst offenders!

These companies have a great incentive to convince you that their product works, since it is a more than 20 billion dollar industry, annually! A majority of Americans’ are on diets at any given time, and most want the easier faster way. Learn about the products discussed in Health Product Failures, so you don’t fall victim too! I was surprised at some of the products they discuss, and you will be too. When we see all natural, we automatically assume the product works.

The truth is revealed in Health Product Failures, that around 50% of the claims these companies make are false. In short this is a terrific graphic that explains the products to look out for, and the information will open your eyes! Anyone considering a weight loss product should really take a look at Health Product Failures.

Infographic Via Fitbug