The Evans Cycles infographic compares three different ways to commute to work. Fitness, environmental and financial factors have all contributed to the increasing popularity of fold up bikes and ride to work schemes, as people look for alternative methods to commute.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

This infographic has a great design that presents the information in a fun and easy to follow way. The title is clear and large which grabs the reader’s attention. I like that each different section is color coded by the type of transportation. The legend at the top helps readers to better follow the information. Each section is about a different topic and is chooses the best way to commute for each topic. The one chosen is shown by a picture of that form of commuting. I like the yellow boxes because it clearly separates the information and highlights the winners.

Infographic Information: A

The information is good for anyone who has to commute. This Infographic breaks down different scenarios and chooses which method of transportation you should choose. I like that there are so many different situations and I think the reasons why you should chose each method are interesting to read. I think overall the information really does give good advice and many people will find this infographic interesting.

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