Looking over this infographic that deals with statistics about librarians, and careers as a librarian, got me thinking. With the new world order becoming digital, will we really needs librarians in the not-to-distant future or will the job description for a librarian simply change? We all think of librarians in one of two ways: the older lady with grey hair telling you hush or the hot female who has all kinds of pent up passion and hides behind the librarian’s glasses, but I digress…

I like this infographic very much, so much if fact that I’m going to talk about the design first. If finally looks like I have found an infographic that was conceived and illustrated by the same person. The illustrations all look original and match in terms of style and color. The books lined at the top are a wonderful divider and draw your eye to the sub text before dropping you into the research about librarians. The glasses are a wonderful design tool to show age (youth) of the the librarian – a nice touch.

The right brain, left brain illustration works well, allowing for a lot of information to be communicated in a small space in a very creative manner. But even more creative is the use of a woman’s high heel and man’s loafer to act as the bars in a bar graph that is visually interesting and helpful for defining the sex of librarians. Bravo!

The information contained in the infographic is divided nicely and easy to read and follow.  Age demographics are shown and compared to income of other careers such as nursing and “all occupations.” Librarian salaries don’t fare too badly, hitting somewhere in the middle, while the average librarian made $60,000 in 2010. That is some good hush money.

Great news for those looking at a career as a librarian, you can find employment in more places than just a public library. Private educational institutions are also a big supporter of librarian jobs as well as local government agencies. Other stats about librarians include what are their hobbies (no surprise that reading was number 1) and a very brief timeline of the library institution itself. Good information about the leaders of our Dewey decimal system.

I would check this infographic out and be late in returning it.

Design: A

A functional and fun infographic design that was obviously thought out in advance and illustrated with care.

Information: A

Lots of helpful statistics for those considering the career choice of becoming a librarian and some fun facts for those just curious about librarians.

via Masters Degree Online

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