If you’re a regular Facebook user, odds are that you’ve gotten requests to help someone get an item for their farm or city, to play Words with Friends with them, or something like that.  Social games are very popular on Facebook – and it isn’t just the kids who are playing them.    This infographic addresses the sheer volume of people who play these social games, and the results of their vigorous game playing.

Top 10 Facebook Social Games*

Gardens of Time – 7,400,000 monthly active users

The SIMS Social  – 24,300,000 monthly active users

CityVille – 49,300,000 monthly active users

Double Down Casino – 4,700,000 monthly active users

Adventure World – 9,200,000 monthly active users

Words with Friends – 16,600,000 monthly active users

Bingo Blitz – 2,800,000 monthly active users

Empires & Allies – no data on monthly active users

Slotomania – 5,400,000 monthly active users

Diamond Dash – 12,500,000 monthly active users

*these games are rated in order of user satisfaction scores from Facebook

FarmVille, Bejeweled Blitz and Mafia Wars are the three most popular social games in the US and UK.

Why Do People Love These Games So Much?

The top reasons people give for playing the games are stress relief, mental stimulation, social interaction and relaxation.  In the U.S. the competitive spirit and fun and excitement are cited as reasons for playing.

Where do People Play?

Tablets, smartphones, on the internet, and 100 million people play on social networks via one or more of those devices.  61% on Facebook, 17% on Google, 15% on MySpace, and 7% on Bebo.

Average Age and Gameplay

The average age of a social gamer is 39 years old – 54% male and 46% female.  145 of social gamers play at work for at least an hour per day.

Which Social Game Genres People Play & Recommend

People like hidden object games, casino-type games, and role-playing games.

On the Rise

1/2 of the Internet population (510 million people worldwide) play social games – a 71% increase since 2010.

81 million people play social games at least one per day and 49 million people play multiple times per day.

Of these people, we’re looking at an average of 9.5 hours per week, and the number of social game players who play at least 6 hours per week as more than doubled.

Because of the hype around Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a plane for not wanting to stop his Words With Friends game, the game gained 100,000 players the next day on Facebook alone.

Brand Bonus

Social gamers like to receive new product information via social games.  Ad spending on social gaming has increased 605 since 2009 and big brands like McDonald’s, Expedia, MTV, Volvo, and Century 21 have experimented with their own social games or through branded virtual goods.

Fun for Developers

An average of $42.70 billion is spent on virtual currency.  $6 billion will be spent on virtual goods by 2013, and U.S. gamers alone spent $600 million worth of virtual goods via social gaming revenue.

Zynga, EA, and Wooga are the big developers.

Walt Disney, EA, and Google have bought smaller developers in order to get in the game.  Pun intended.

The Haters

The console video game market is sad – 33% of gamers have said that their console gameplay has declined since they started playing games on social networking sites.  By 2014 the console game market is expected to be $18.5 million vs. $11.4 billion in the mobile game market.


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