Many people put a lot of thought into what they wear and what color they wear. This infographic says that what color we wear says something about us to others. Check out the infographic to see what your clothes are telling others about you.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

Writing an infographic means that you need to make sure you include lots of colors. This infographic did a great job of making the infographic colorful and fun to read. I think that the title looked good with every letter being a different color which went will with the information. The sections are clearly defined by each color and the images in each section went well with the attitude of the color. The format for each color is the same which gives a uniform feel to the infographic making it look clean. The light grey background behind each color section allow for the color being discussed to standout. The design of this infographic was clearly given a lot of thought and that is easy to see.


Infographic Information: B

A color does say a lot about who you are and the information about each color gives readers a clear understanding of what the color portray. I think that most of the information about each color made sense to me especially saying that red meant aggressive because I can see that being true. While this does not mean that you are aggressive because you wear read but it sends the message to others that you are. So this information can be important for dates, interviews, and nights at the bar because you can dress in a certain color to portray yourself differently. I thought the information was useful for everyone and makes you think twice before you put on your clothes.

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