Our world has gone completely online with everything we could possibly want just a click away. Many new business work hard to pick a name that conveys the brand image they want but many do not think about their domain name. Many domains are already taken as you will see in the infographic so choosing a common business name will be hard to carry over into a domain name. This infographic breaks down the question of what should come first, your business or your domain name.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design for this infographic takes a simple approach with plain images that help to convey the subject. None of the images jump out at me but they do not take away from the information. The great background gives this infographic a technical feel and like the bright yellow and pink against the background. It makes the information standout.

Infographic Information: B

The information is good and helpful for businesses who may have never thought of their domain name. This infographic shows why it is so important to choose a good domain name first because there is so much competition for domain names. I like that the infographic uses statistics and facts to convince readers of the importance of choosing a domain name. The information does a good job of explaining domain  registrations and how there are options to choosing a good domain after you have selected a business name.

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