From MDG Advertising: All eyes are on Pinterest, the social network that lets users collect and share images found on the Web by “pinning” them on virtual pinboards. The images span a variety of categories, from fashion, crafts, cooking, décor, fitness, and more. Today, Pinterest is quickly becoming the fastest-growing social media site based on its huge popularity with women, as well as its unlimited potential as a marketing tool for businesses.“Pins” help companies promote their products, develop their brand personalities, drive tremendous referral traffic to their websites, and gain exposure among the Pinterest community.

The video details the social site’s demographics, growth, and potential to drive abundant traffic to company websites. Pinterest is especially popular with the most highly coveted markets—about 60 percent are female and 80 percent are in the 25 to 54 age demographic. 

The video goes on to cover the brands, both large and small. These companies reflect the cooking, décor, and crafts interests that are prevalent among the Pinterest audience.

Video Infographic Review

Video Infographic Design: A+

What’s is not to love with this video infographic? The designer/videographer/animator used a great neutral color pallet and added a splash of muted reds and pinks to draw visual interest. The screens and information transition in a whimsical and logical way. Each statistic and graphic is Well though out and leads to the next bit of information. This is so clever and well done I am hopeful for the future of video infographics. Everything works well together include the typeface chose and the illustration style of all the graphics. My only one small grips is the music seems to repeat and therefore I heard a gap of silence, but that is a very small nitpick on an excellent infographic about Pinterest. Well done and color me impressed!

Video Infographic Information: A

The intro provided by MDG explains much of what is contained in this video infographic and you should really watch the whole video (2 minutes and 43 seconds) to take it all in. I watched it twice for fun and once for this review. The information is mostly statistics about Pinterest and why you should use it for your site’s marketing and social media needs. They list popular companies such as Whole Foods, Etsy, West Elm, and Real Simple that use Pinterest as a traffic producer and brand energizer. The demographics are highlighted and they show examples of how the process of pinning works at Pinterest.

Provided by MDG Advertising