Exactly how far have we “traveled” in how we prepare for and actually travel on vacation and holidays? This travel industry infographic provides some statistics and facts about how we like to move about on holiday.

Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: B-

Infographics usually take one of two paths when being designed. The first design strategy is to make the infographic uniform in its look and feel, similar colors, fonts and imagery. Or the infographic designer decides to try a collage design, mixing fonts, colors, styles, imagery in an effort to capture a moment with each bit of information the infographic is portraying. Usually this does not work and the infographic looks sloppy and mish-mashed. Well, this time it works, mostly. And I only say mostly because the not all the transitions are smooth as they could be. But the transition between design styles is given creative thought and the overlap between each era is subtle if no always effective (1908 to 1941 is left a little harsh). Still, a successful attempt at a design tactic that usually fails. Well done.

Infographic Information: C

The information and statistics on booking only travel and modes of transportation aren’t that interesting. And the information isn’t all that substantial. More time collecting facts was needed so this infographic would feel more complete and not like a visual collection of some semi-interesting facts about travel. The designer in me also didn’t care for the IBM computer. Where is the Mac love? ;-)

The Travel Industry 1841 – 2012 Infographic submitted by Teletext Holidays.