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Who is Doing the Moving in America?

Uncle Bob throws us some statistics, so I’m just going to list them for you here:

The average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime.  I don’t know how you move .7 times, but I digress.

Women will stay at a residence for about 5.6 years, while men only stick around for 4.9 years.  Men and women tend to stay in the same country.

Relocation is supposedly the third most stressful life event you can have.  It disrupts your routine, culture shock, and does other bad things to your head.

People in their 20’s move more than people of other ages, and more than 15% of all movers move out of state.  College?  Job transfers?

Renters move more often than homeowners.  Of course.

Helpful Moving Tips

Purchase good moving materials

Number and label each box to keep track of what is where.

Pack each box completely, and use paper to fill up gaps.

Be clever.  Move clothes and linens in drawers, and wrap up knick knacks and pack them inside your pots and pans.  Use space wisely.

Thoroughly clean your appliances.

Where Do People Go?

Palm Coast, Florida.  Warm, fun, etc.

St. George, Utah.  Good weather.

Las Vegas-Paradise, Nevada.  Vegas, Baby.

Cape Coral, Florida.  See above.

Raleigh, NC.  The Triangle.  Woot.


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Who knew all that stuff about moving?


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