This is is a great resource to find out about festivals that take place in the UK. If you happened to have missed one this year, put it on your schedule for next year. Just make sure you confirm the dates, since lots of times events change actual dates from year to year. And I don’t want you showing up at Strawberry Fields next year and nobody’s there and you’re calling me yelling at me because you could have saved on the petrol. There will be no Glastonbury next year, so you will have time to go to some of these other festivals. You should. But double check the dates for 2012, because this is a list of August’s festivals for 2011.

The Festivals

In a word, there are festivals all over England in August.  The weather is nice.  Pretty much no matter what part of the country you’re in, there is a festival nearby.  The first part of the infographic shows you a nice map, with each festival marked on it.  Included is the name of the festival, the location, and the dates.  Some have already passed, like Belladrum and Big Chill, but you still have the chance to go to Solfest, Creamfields, Strawberry Fields, Reading & Leeds, Green Man (but act quickly), One Love (again, act quickly), Beautiful Days (same here), South West Four, and V-Festival.  If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the infographic, there is a list of websites for each festival.  Have at it.

Pretty Pictures

The data is thus interrupted by a cartoon with huge speakers on either side of a large tent, with three cartoony figures doing festival-like things like dancing, running, and standing still.

UK Festival Guide

Here is a chart with each festival, the price, the capacity, number of performers, camping and accommodation options, and whether or not they are suitable for children.  It would have been handy had they listed the dates of the festivals again in this section, but they put them in the order in which they occur, so that’s helpful.  The key works like this:  price is broken out in one little gray circle per 10 pounds for Adults, and one little blue circle per 10 pounds per Children’s Tickets.  For capacity, one little man equals 10,000 people.  For performers, one little purple guitar equals 10 performers.  Camping options show you a cluster of little brown tents if you can camp in tents, a big orange tent if you have the option of luxury housing, and the little people icons show you if it’s kid friendly – spiky-haired stick figure alone means it’s more for adults, spiky-haired stick figure with capering kids means it’s kid-friendly.

Another Large Graphic

There is another large graphic with cartoony people and tents, I think meant to show you that all sorts of different types of people go to festivals.

Genre Breakdown

This section shows you, per festival, what type of music you may encounter there.  Many are very good mixes of all sorts of musical genres, while others, like One Love, is predominately reggae.  Each color represents a different genre, so if the festival is heavy on light orange and you hate electronic music, that might not be the best choice for you.

More Pictures

Here we have another large picture of a field like the one before, with more tents and different types of cartoony people.

Design:  C+

The informational bits are very well designed, but the graphics breaking up the infographic seem a little thrown together.  It’s still fun to look at, however.

Information:  B+

A comprehensive guide to each festival in the UK in the month of August.  Great if you’re looking to camp out, be merry, and get your groove on.

Source:  UK Festival Guide and UK Music Festivals from WinkBingo