Beards Infographic

Beards and facial hair certainly get a bad rap from time to time or should I say from fashion decade to fashion decade. Sometimes the mustache is in, sometimes it is out.What about the goatee? In fashion of not. The beard can be impressive or oppressive. Too much hair on the face can be shaggy, but Shaggy only had a tuft on his chin. Is that beatnik or cool or are they the same. Soul patch or Fu Manchu? What is your preference? The debate over beards and facial hair is a hairy one to be sure, but this handy dandy infographic on beards will help you make the wise choice.

If you are a man, what type of beard do you grow? What do you want your beard to say about your personality. And now you will know how to react when you see someone sporting a beard. No more getting to know someone, now a quick, snap judgment can be made as long as you carry this helpful infographic around.

In all seriousness, you need to click this infographic and view it at a larger size. The comedy is well groomed and trimmed up just right.

Graphics go great with the witty commentary. A fun infographic with no purpose other than to entertain.


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