Stem Cell Hearing Loss

This infographic informs us that the Cord Blood Registry and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston have partnered to form a trial that will infuse children with hearing loss with their own cord blood stem cells to try to treat the hearing problem.

Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be caused by chemical exposure, infections like the measles and meningitis, and by head injuries.

Impact of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can impact a child’s learning abilities, their social development, and their speech and language acquisition.

How it Works

There are thousands of children in the United States with acquired hearing loss.  The damage occurs inside the Cochlea, where damaged cells in the inner ear cause the hearing loss.  An infusion of the cord blood stem cells into the Cochlea could repair the damaged cells and improve hearing.  That is what the trial is testing.


Design:  A+

This is a beautifully designed, easy-to-understand infographic.

Information:  B

More information, like the amount of children participating in the trial, etc. would be nice to know.

Source:  Hearing Loss Stem Cell Treatment Infographic