travel habits of mobile phone users

This is a comparison of the travel habits of iPhone, Blackberry and Android users.  Who would have thought there would have been a difference?  Let’s see what they uncovered.

Smart Phone Users in the UK

There are 11 million mobile devices in the UK.  That’s double the number of Brits that live abroad.  About 10% of the British population live abroad.  The most popular place they live is Australia.

We’re then given a portion of the infographic that says that 9% of visitors to travel websites access the website from their mobile device.  Of those searching for flights online 69% of them are iPhone users.  It’s not clear as to whether these numbers apply to worldwide users or just those in the UK.

Another interesting snippet – Chinese authorities have uncovered 22 fake Apple stores in just one Chinese city.  The stores look just like the real thing, and the employees think they work for Apple.

Carbon Emissions

Global aviation accounts for only 2% of CO2 emissions.  The mobile phone industry accounts for 1.4% of CO2 emissions.  I don’t know what that has to do with a mobile phone user’s travel habits, but it’s nice to know.

The most popular travel app has over 10 million downloads.

7.5 million users in the UK own SatNav, but 3 million people in the UK have the free Google Navigation app on their Android phone.

What Does Your Destination Say About You?

iPhone users are two times more likely to visit a gambling destination like Las Vegas than Blackberry users.  Blackberry users are 50% more likely to visit a top holiday spot and spend their money that way.  iPhone users visit Athens more often than other users, while Android users are much more likely to visit New Zealand than iPhone or Blackberry users.  Android and iPhone users are 50% more likely to visit Tokyo, and iPhone users are 4 times as likely as Android users and 10 times as likely as Blackberry users to visit Paris.

Another snippet:  every year, 116,000 people in the UK accidentally put their mobile device in the washing machine.

Relationships on Holidays

iPhone users are most likely to go away for a “dirty weekend.”  On the other hand, 11.4% of Blackberry users say they don’t look forward to going to a trip with their partner.

As for taking your partner with you on a business trip, 9.4% of iPhone users do it, 6.7% of Android users do, and 15.7% of Blackberry users do.  Statistics are similar for who buys dinner for said partner and puts it on their expense report.

Work Habits on Holiday

Every year, workers spend 14 million hours searching for flights during working hours.  Blackberry users spend 38% more time searching for flights than the average person.  As for who works on holiday, takes calls from work on holiday and who works in bed, it’s iPhone users first, then Blackberry users, then Android users.  Obviously, Android users know about work/life balance.

Snippet – Brits only use 10% of the features on their mobile devices.

Snippet – HTC CEO Martin Fichter said iPhones are for old people.


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The design was OK.  Nothing was too terribly distracting, and everything fit together visually.

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The information provided was a little scattered.  It’s almost like they tried to fill in the blank spaces with random snippets of information, which did not improve the reader’s experience because the information did not flow very well.

Source:  How do you travel by