We took a look at the most sought-after architectural styles in each state and discovered that the Craftsman home plan is not only popular across all age groups, but it remains a top choice from one end of the country to the other. This infographic highlights what we found and explores the origins of the nation’s top home design styles.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A

I thought this infographic looked very nice and had some great design things that should be noted. The map at the top showed which area of the country preferred each style of house plan and the average age in those areas. The map was clearly labeled and easy to read. The colors were all different enough so that the reader could tell them apart but looked good together on the map. The section about the age group that prefers craftsman homes did a good job of showing the information in a graphical form. I thought the timeline was a good idea to include in the infographic especially using pictures of the different styles of houses. The design for this infographic was clean and professional and clearly communicated the information.


Infographic Information: B+

The information about Craftsman house plans is great for anyone who may be looking into building a house. The information shows just how popular craftsman homes are and what types of people are interested in them.  The map that showed which areas of the country like each style gives readers a better understanding of what the style is in their area. The historical timeline gave an interesting look into each style and when it became popular as well as what architectural area it gets its style from. I thought the information was great for anyone who may be trying to decide on which style of home they would like to build.

Article courtesy of HousePlans.co, the online home of Alan Mascord Design Associates’ house plan collection. Find over 600 floor plans in a variety of styles from Craftsman to Victorian.

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