You might remember several infographics we have reviewed here about the plastic surgery obsession of our civilization. In the past, we’ve examined plastic surgery addiction in Great Britain as well our society’s desire to emulate celebrities through cosmetic surgery, with statistics that were also compiled in Great Britain. Today, we have a graphic that examines the top cities for plastic surgery right here in the good ol’ USA.

The graphic points that out that the number of cosmetic procedures nationwide continues to increase as more and more and Americans seek to change their bodies so that they can project an image that they believe to be perfect. The year 2010 saw 13.1 million cosmetic procedures across this fine nation. That translates to Americans spending 10 billion dollars a year to “perfect” their bodies. Plastic surgery proves its power versus the economic downturn in the US. It’s booming market proven by the graphic above tells us that vanity for most of us is an not expensive as it may seem.

The graphic ranks the top cities for plastic surgery based on the number of plastic surgeons for every 100,000 people  over the age of 18 per city. Therefore, this ranking is more a “per capita” ranking, and it should also be noted that the rankings are based solely on the number of doctors who specialize in plastic surgery, not the actual number of plastic surgeries per city.

When this type of metric is used, the end result is that Miami is the number one city for plastic surgery and cities that you would expect to rank, like Los Angeles aren’t even in the top ten. Don’t fear though, California has two cities in the top ten: San Fransisco and Sacramento.

Now, I’m willing to bet that if a different metric was used to measure plastic surgery rates, L.A. would definitely have made the list. How could it not? People consider it to be the “plastic surgery capital of the world.”  Could the stereotype be wrong?  Could people really be more into plastic surgery in cities like Baltimore and Louisville than they are in Los Angeles? I suppose so, but I’m skeptical. Now, let’s head over to the grading portion of the graphic and see if it needs a makeover.

Design: A-

I think the design here is interesting on many levels. The facts and figures segment graphic at the bottom of the graphic stands out, and the chart was well-done. The color scheme is also excellent.

Content: B

The content is unique. The makers made a very interesting choice in terms of content to use. I applaud them for that.

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