The last time I went to talk to the owners of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), they acted like they’d never seen anybody who was trapped in the wrong timeline before.
They said something about “Mental Health”, and authorities. Then they tried to keep me there, which was not going to work out for me, I needed to hurry and get back to my own timeline before my great-grandmother could catch up with me.
I don’t know why I always get into these situations, about every third or fourth time I take a temporal vacation, there’s something hitting the rotary oscillator. I can’t afford to pay for the Temporal Stabilization Service that is offered at some of the more legitimate travel agencies.
At this point, I think that I am just going to build one from scratch, I’m tired of trying to use these primitive Particle Accelerators to try to activate my return card.
The only problem is, the legality of unregulated privately owned wormholes, and the self destructive feedback loop.
Simply put, it’s illegal to make a wormhole for yourself, unless you’re rich enough to afford the insurance, and can deal with the Paradox Regulation Administration (PRA).
Paradox Insurance and Radiation Mitigation are the worst expenses, especially when compared to the relatively inexpensive commercial services.
I have all the parts I need now, well except the Radiation Mitigation tools, hopefully this thing won’t consume the Solar System if it explodes.
That’ll teach them to make safety components so expensive.



Via: Edudemic

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