This infographic addresses the world’s gold supply.

Sky High Gold

The first part of the infographic  shows you how many miles into the sky each country’s gold reserves would reach into the sky if you took their gold reserved, divided them into standard 1-ounce gold bars and stacked them on top of each other.  The US obviously has the most gold, because our gold would reach 634 miles into the sky and weight 8,133.5 metric tons.  This portion shows other countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, China, Japan, France, Italy, and Germany, and shows how high a jumbo jet can fly (7 miles high), how high the stratosphere is (30 miles), and how high the Hubble Telescope is (353 miles)

Who Holds the Most Gold?

This recaps what we learn in the earlier section.  The US holds the most gold, then Germany, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Italy, France, China, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and finally, The Netherlands.

Worth its Weight in Gold

Gold is very dense.  One metric ton of gold is equal to 1 million $1 bills, 7 drums of crude oil, or 13.25 American people.  I think that seriously depends on the side of said American people.

A cube weighing one metric ton of gold is currently valued at $51,537,647.

Gold Consumer Demand in Metric Tons

India:  203.3, China:  200.7, Germany:  59.3, Turkey:  52.6, U.S.: 52.4, Switzerland:  37.2, Vietnam:  36.3, Thailand:  22.6, Russia:  18.3, Saudi Arabia:  18.2.

Annual Gold Production by Country in Metric Tons

2450 metric tons of gold are mined annually.  The countries that hold the most gold are not necessarily the ones that produce the most.

China:  320, U.S.: 223.3, Australia:  222, Russia:  205.2, South Africa:  197.6, Peru:  182.4, Indonesia:  127.7, Canada:  97.4 , Ghana:  97.2, Uzbekistan:  73.0.


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The design is decent, just a little dated.

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Source: Goldline and Gold Reserves