There are so many places around the world that are known for being leaders in certain medical procedures. Many people will travel around the world for different types of surgeries and procedures that will either make them healthier or better looking. This infographic from shows the most popular medical travel destinations around the world. Everything from cosmetic surgery to fertility and dentistry surgery are featured in certain places around the world.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

The nice thing about the design of this infographic is that the different cities are shown on a map. Each city has a short description describing the type of medical procedure that the area is known for. The colors are muted but work well with the professional topic.

Infographic Information: A

I was surprised by the information only because of my ignorance of the topic. I know of people who travel to other countries for medical procedures but did not know that there are certain areas that specialize in certain procedures. The information also discusses the difference in costs which is another major factor that attracts people to these places. Those who cannot afford it in the their own country will often travel to others.