The Grand Prix 2013 season will be kicking off in Melbourne this year and even though there will be 22 drivers will be taking to the grid in, with 12 different nationalities and we have proof why Britain will rule the roost this year.

For starters there are three main points of why we think this. Firstly, Britain has collected the most championship points throughout history. Secondly, in 64 years of Grand Prix over 25% of total races have been won by the British and finally 22% of the fastest laps have been set by the British.

Britain also have a great ratio for driver to world champions as throughout history America has produced 19% of all Grand Prix drivers. But only 2 have won the championship – Mario Andretti in 1978 and Phil Hill in 1961. In comparison the UK has also produced 19% and has won 14 championships, including Jackie Stewart’s Triple Crown.

The only worrying point is with Lewis Hamilton’s recent move to Mercedes, we will see a Britain in a German car again, but history shows that only one driver has ever won a race in a German car and this was the legendary Sterling Moss in 1955, ironically at the British Grand Prix. So Hamilton might need a bit of luck this year.

If you’re looking for entertainment then you won’t be let down by the British as 17.5% of crashes has been down the British and their thirst to entertain the crowd.

So that is why the British are going to rule the track this season. This infographic has been created by HostelBookers with information gained from reliable sources and the BBC. For more stats check out our Hostelbookers blog.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C+

The grey background does not work for me. I  don’t think it works well with the other colors. It looks as if the infographic is not finished. I like the creative way the charts show the information

Infographic Information: B

The information is fun and light and helps to give a little background on the Grand Prix.

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