Turn off your house lights much? If you don’t, maybe you should.  This graphic shows the dangers of C02 emissions and how much is being produced by your light bulbs.  Warning: the facts in this infographic will scare you, and I think that’s the point.  Ok, ready? Brace for impact. Here we go.

That little light bulb you have in the living room is killing the planet. It does not matter if it’s an LED, a CFL, or an incandescent. No matter what it it is, as the graphic shows, it is harming the planet.  The reason for this is because, as the popular 80’s band Depeche Mode once declared, everything counts in large amounts. The total yearly amount of CO2 produced by a household with incandescents is a whopping 4.825 tons. Over 35 years, the use of your bulbs will release a great deal of toxic Mercury into the air.  The CFLs will release a monstrous 42 mg of toxic mercury into landfills.

The graphic does not go into a whole lot of depth in terms of how much pollution is being created: it mostly cuts to the chase and doesn’t bog down into details. In order to stop global warming, the world must cut carbon emissions by 70%, and they must do it by 2050 or the planet will become uninhabitable.  But what can we do?  The graphic presents solutions. About 20% of the world’s energy use comes from lighting.  That can be reduced to 4% by something very simple.  Making use of an LED light bulb, instead of a different kind.

Ok, are you ready for the grading section? Hold on to your hats–er light bulbs.

Design:  B

I would say this graphic is average from a design standpoint.  One thing that stands out about this graphic compared to our other graphics is the fact that its very brief. I found myself wanting to see more designs.

Content: B

To be honest, I think a B is a kind grade. There isn’t much here. Stock stats and not much commentary. The graphic could use some more meat. Fleshing out  graphics is the key to receiving high marks here at the infographic showcase.  I will say that this graphic did a good job of convincing me to to use only LED lights from now on, so kudos to Elemental LED for that! They were quite persuasive.

Graphic provided by Elemental LED

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