Spices have long been a staple of Indian Cuisine. So much so, that their signature dishes and curries have become famed for the tongue tingling taste. However, research shows that the spices that create these tastes can also incur many health benefits.

Spices such as cayenne peppers and jalapenos have been shown to speed up the metabolism in the individuals who are eating them. Adding these to a responsible diet could result in improved weight loss.

However, there are many more health benefits when enjoying Indian Cuisine. The likes of turmeric and capsaicin seem to have an almost endless list of benefits that aid a wide range of the body’s organs and functions. The heart and lungs are major beneficiaries of the addition of spices to the diet, with heart pressure being lowered and cancerous growths on lungs fought.

Understanding these benefits can help individuals choose foodstuffs for themselves and their families with greater confidence. Using the food labelling, the smart shopper or diner may be able to choose dishes and meals that will benefit the health of their family.

As well as the body’s health, more superficial benefits can be accrued from the use of spices. Mustard oil has long been used on the scalp of men suffering from baldness of the thinning of hair to promote healthy regrowth.

Nawaab Restaurant has produced this infographic to demonstrate the many benefits of spices.



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