The UK is known for their pubs, a place for friends to come together and enjoy a drink or two with great food. This infographic shows that many of the pubs the UK is known for are closing or are being sold. One website I saw had many pubs for sale. Check out this infographic to see what you can do to save your favorite

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

The design for this infographic is a little on the boring side. There are no colors other than brown which is not a color that readers are attracted to. The title is very small and on the side which took me a couple of seconds to find. When a reader first looks at this infographic they should be immediately see the title so they know what it is about. The graphs are good and help to display the information visually. I just think overall the design for this infographic should have had more color and a better header and title.

Infographic Information: B

The information is interesting to see how fast pubs are closing and what is causing them to close. There are so many bars for sale in the UK now that it does seem that pubs are going to be obsolete in a few years. I think it was good to include information on how you can support your favorite pub to make sure it stays open. I really do think the information could be helpful for someone who really wants to help save a pub.

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