Speeding and driving are two things that should not go together but many people do put these together. This infographic shows some of the dangers of speeding while driving. Maybe this will help you think twice about speeding and driving.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: A

The design for this infographic is great because it uses lots of fun images to display the information. It also has a colorful and bright background that readers will find visually exciting. I like that a lot of the images that are used are things you will see while driving especially the speedometer that shows where people speed the most.  The speeding Facts sign also looks nice and the bright yellow background makes it standout.

Infographic Information: A

The information is also good for anyone who is starting to drive or for those of us who may have forgotten to be safe on the roads. I like that there are good facts to back up the importance of being safe. This infographic does not just say don’t speed but gives you some really good reason on why it is important not to.

Infographic provided by Weiland Upton.


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