To get a good job in today’s world requires at least a four year degree from a college or university. Going to a higher education school requires an investment in your future due to the high costs of these schools This infographic take a look at the rising costs of higher education.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  A

There a few things that I like about the design of the infographic and one being the title and opening paragraph. I appreciate a clear and concise title that clearly states what the infographic is about. The little blurb underneath the title gives a little background information to give the reader enough knowledge to understand the infographic.  The different sections are easily distinguished using the background colors to help define them. The graphs that are used are labeled in a way that makes the information clear. All of the images that are used work well with the topic and fit in with the theme. I like that in the “There are ways to Save” sections the different ways are labeled because again this make it easy for the reader to follow. I would say that the design of this infographic was given a lot of thought on how the reader would view it which helps to make for a good infographic.

Infographic Information: A+

As someone who has paid for higher education I understand the investment that must be made in order to receive a college education.  It was amazing to see just how much the cost of higher education has grown in the last twenty-five years. These interesting facts were a nice touch to the graph showing the rise of college and tuition fees. The information showing the net college cots as a percentage of median family income showed that those who have less income are using almost half of their income to pay for higher education. The fact that higher education is going to continue to rise in the future should give readers a sense of urgency to save for their children or themselves. I think including that information was a good idea because it would then lead to how people can save for higher education which is also in the infographic. Overall this infographic seemed to know what readers would find as useful information and included it to give readers a good understanding of the costs of higher education.

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