Two questions for you. 1.) What is the correlation, if any, between how old you are and how cold you will be this winter if you live in the U.K? 2.) What is the correlation, if any, between how much money you have and how cold you will be this winter? Did you guess that you will be colder if you are older and colder if you are impoverished? If so, then you are correct, as this infographic indicates.

The number of households in fuel poverty in England has risen to 1.7 million, and 2 out of 5 people age 60 or older are concerned about being warm this winter and being able to afford their energy bills. That’s 4.6 million people who are worried about the heat. The graphic shows that one in three people over 60 years of age took drastic actions to fend off the cold last winter. What kind of drastic actions? Essentially, they are the type of actions that no one living in a first world country should ever have to take. Here are some examples:

–wearing scarves and coats inside
–living in a single room of a house in an effort to contain the heat
–staying in bed all day long
–going to a public library to escape the horrid cold

The last portion of graphic points out that deaths as a result of the cold have been on the rise since 2007. 31,000 people over 65 died due to the cold weather in Britain in 2009, and winter deaths among people age 65 or older have soared by almost 50% since 2007. Ok, button up. It’s time for us to hand out our letter grades.

Design: B+

A good effort on the part of the creators. Despite not using many colors, this graphic still draws the audience in and holds your attention all the way through.

Content: A-

Many facts are brought to the reader’s attention in delightfully disturbing detail. Now that I know the terror it’s brought to people, I’ll probably never look at horribly cold weather the same way again.

This infographic has been provided by Egaheat, a leading provider of boilers across Britain.