The American Debt Crisis Infographic

This infographic addresses something that impacts all of us in the U.S. – the debt crisis.  The infographic was very informative – with some staggering numbers that makes one wish to either bury one’s head in the sand, or to start some sort of massive, worldwide bake sale.  Let’s get on with the data.


The United States currently owes $14.5 trillion and it’s rising daily.  I guess some people see the word “trillion” and it might as well be “bazillion” or “katrillion”  Unless one is a Douglas Adams fan, and in that case “Trillion” reminds them of something else, only maybe spelled differently.  Either way, it is a very large number that sort of boggles the mind so the graphic breaks it down by if you borrowed a dollar per second how long it would take you to borrow $1 trillion.  Then, just multiply that by 14.5 and you get a rough idea of how much money this country owes.  It’s as much as all the other governments in the world put together.

Whom Do We Owe?

In a word, everybody.  Check out the picture for a breakdown.

Can We Fix it?

The infographic talks about how much each employee in the country would need to make in order to pay off the national debt.  It doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon.  The average household makes about $46,000, while each employee would need to make $90,000.  And what does that mean, anyway?  I guess taxes.

One confusing thing is that, at the bottom, there is this picture of Africa and we’re told that $14.5 billion dollars would feed East Africa for 4,000 years.  Since the national debt is $14.5 trillion, did they mean trillion, or billion?  We get the idea either way, but I think a little clarification would have been good there.  Maybe it’s just me being nitpicky.

Design:  B-

It’s ugly, but so is the debt crisis. I don’t like the colors used, or the layout of the thing.

Information:  A

F, actually, to the information itself, but an A to the folks who compiled the data.


Source:  Prozac Birth Defects