Facts about tea presented in a truly attractive infographic.

Tea Production

China produces 1275384 tons of tea per year.  India produces 805180 tons annually.  Kenya?  345800 tons.  Sri Lanka produces 318470 tons per year, and Turkey and Vietnam produce 198046 and 174900, respectively.

Tibetan Tea

In Tibet, they mix salt and butter into their tea.

UK Tea

165 million cups of tea are consumed each day in the UK.  On a given day, 40% of the UK’s fluid intake will be tea.

Ideal Brewing Temperatures

Did you know different types of tea have different idea brewing temperatures?  White tea brews best between 65 and 70 degrees Celsius.  Grean Tea?  Between 75 and 80 degrees Celsius.  Oolong brews best between 80 and 85 degress Celsius, and Black tea needs a good 99 degrees Celsius to brew the best.


Lahpet, which is pickled tea, is eaten in Myanmar.

Tea Consumption

Turkey is #1 at 2.1 kg per year.  Ireland is next at 2.0 kg.  The UK ties Irelend with 2.0 kg.  Iran weighs in at 1.4 kg per year, and Morocco consumes a respectable 1.2 kg per year.

Caffeine Content

Black tea has the most at 64 to 112 mg.  Oolong contains 29 to 53 mg.  Green tea contains 24 to 39 mg, and white tea contains 32 to 37 mg.


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Source:  Tea Facts Infographic by from MV Mediagroup.