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A Humorous Look at Infographics

A Humorous Look at Infographics

Funny Infographic

Infographics have been hit by satire

By offering up clearly presented information, infographics have the power to not only engage onlookers but effectively communicate knowledge in a concise way.

A picture is worth a thousand words right? But what about a picture AND a thousand words? Whoa. You may just have an infographic on your hands.

From airline safety manuals to complex data visualizations, I have always been fascinated by infographics. A well done infographic has the power to capture one’s acute attention span and convey information that would have taken longer to simply read (oh no, not reading!). However, for every brilliantly thought out and well executed mashup of art and data, there now seems to be an influx of mundane and formulaic counterparts infesting the very internet that we hold so near and dear.

Here we have an infographic that explores commonalities between the seemingly vast expanse of contrived infographics that appear to have spawned in mass over the past year. If you’re an infographic purest, view at your own risk.

Submitted by ThinkBrilliant.com

ROI On Internet Marketing Services Infographic

ROI On Internet Marketing Services Infographic


One of the most commonly asked questions in the Internet marketing industry has to do with return on investment. Some internet marketing services can be harder to track than others. While some forms (such as PPC) are easy to track in terms of clicks, costs, and revenue, other forms are more like traditional advertising where you’re taking the time to build a brand and online presence to create sales tomorrow.

Using our handy-dandy chart above, you can see all the various forms of return on your Internet marketing. While all internet marketing services positively affect each of these aspects, this infographic highlights only those with the largest impact.

Best practices say to use a good mix of all of these marketing services to develop a well rounded campaign that can benefit from all forms of return. If you are having a hard time explaining or understanding the return on your investment, this chart may help.

Infographic provided by VerticalMeasures.com