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Drink Wine on a Budget – Wine Infographic

Drink Wine on a Budget – Wine Infographic

How to drink great wine on a limited budget. This wine infographic presents information to the wine drinker on which wines are best when shopping on a budget and your wine knowledge isn’t up to par. High quality photography, especially when shooting food and drinks is crucial. And using actual items and not drawings adds to the believability and and trust factor for this graphic.

Adding what to food to eat with each wine as well as the characteristics of the wine help make this infographic stand out from a content point of view as well as a visual point of view.

My only minor complaint would be the size of the wine labels. Identifying the labels better would allow for better recollection when finding these wines at the store. Other than that, great wine, great infographic. Cheers!

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Cork vs Screw Cap Debate

Cork vs Screw Cap Debate

Did you know there is a great debate going on in the world, and it involves wine? Well more precisely, wine corks vs screw caps. There are supporters of both types and many wine lovers have declared there loyalty to one or the other.

Many countries have openly accepted the screw cap for wine bottles, but the US stands firm on its love for the natural cork. Wine Turtle has conducted an independent survey of 114 wine buyers to determine the adversity to the screw cap.

The infographic below breaks down the data received from the survey, including the most popular myths regarding screw caps. So if you are a cork lover, check out this infographic and see why screw caps may not be so bad.


A Video Infographic – The Conception of Wine

Moving pictures and the infographic have bonded together to create a wonderful visual and auditory experience in this infographic video about the Conception of Wine.

Watch the video and be suitably impressed. You have to wonder if this is the next logical step for the infographic as it moves from static printed images to dynamic moving images that tell a story through movement and time rather than in the far less interactive medium of print.

Or is this just a phase, a new fad, that will quickly pass? With the many video sites on the Internet and colleges teaching more interactive multimedia classes I think this is something will see less of as a trendy solution and more as a long-term solution. Long live the infographic video revolution!

Where is the Best Beer in America Infographic

Where is the Best Beer in America Infographic

This is our second featured infographic on alcohol, (see our wine infographic) and this one has bit more graphic and little less info, but it still rates highly on our visual appeal scale. It can be difficult to use a map in an infographic, especially when every state figures into the equation, as in the case below, but the artist has done a nice job to simplify the data. While this infographic is confusing at first glance, the bar graphics are done well enough that you are rewarded with some interesting facts after a few seconds of focus. This infographic isn’t a simple task in organization set up for the general reader, it is more for the beer enthusiast who is willing to take some time to learn more about where to find the best beer in America.

The Best Beers in America Infographic

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