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SEO Infographic – Link Data Visualization

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When it comes to SEO, it can be difficult to explain the difference between quantity and quality to those who are looking for the fastest way possible to rank their websites on Google and other major search engines. Especially when website or business owners start looking at what is working for their competitors and want to follow in their footsteps, which can be especially frustrating to those who know that high quality link building, in the long run, will be much more effective and prevent your website from getting dinged by the search engines.

One of the best ways to simply explain something is by simplifying the main points and placing it into a data visualization. So what does quality link building and expensive beer have in common?  Find out in this awesome, animated infographic!  Click on the image below and hover over the link building types to learn more about the quality of each and how to obtain them as well as see how many PR 1 links do you need to equal the value of a higher PR link.

Source: SEO Infographic – Link Data Visualization

A Humorous Look at Infographics

A Humorous Look at Infographics

Funny Infographic

Infographics have been hit by satire

By offering up clearly presented information, infographics have the power to not only engage onlookers but effectively communicate knowledge in a concise way.

A picture is worth a thousand words right? But what about a picture AND a thousand words? Whoa. You may just have an infographic on your hands.

From airline safety manuals to complex data visualizations, I have always been fascinated by infographics. A well done infographic has the power to capture one’s acute attention span and convey information that would have taken longer to simply read (oh no, not reading!). However, for every brilliantly thought out and well executed mashup of art and data, there now seems to be an influx of mundane and formulaic counterparts infesting the very internet that we hold so near and dear.

Here we have an infographic that explores commonalities between the seemingly vast expanse of contrived infographics that appear to have spawned in mass over the past year. If you’re an infographic purest, view at your own risk.

Submitted by ThinkBrilliant.com

Serial Killer Infographic – Prolific Murderers

Serial Killer Infographic – Prolific Murderers

This infographic is mildly disturbing, yet visceral in its presentation. Dark background, vibrant red and stark contrasts all work together to convey a message that is obvious even before reading the content. That is what makes an infographic good – an understanding of the concept just through the visualization of the data.

Sadly, I had never heard of any of these serial killers before seeing this infographics, yet many “well-known murderers” have achieved more notoriety without such prolific killing numbers and statistics. It makes you wonder how these serial killers avoided the spotlight for so long.

Prolific Murderers and Serial Killers Infographic

submitted by @igotdamaged. For some humor check out the Roadkill Carpet

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