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Texting While Driving Statistics Infographic

Texting While Driving Statistics Infographic

This infographic covers a hot topic, texting while driving. As mobile phones have become an everyday accessory (and practical necessity), their capabilities have gone beyond calling to allow for texting, emailing and internet surfing. Have you ever sat at a stoplight and counted the number of drivers who are talking on the phone?

Now imagine how many are taking their eyes off the road to text – and how many of them are inexperienced teen drivers. The statistics show that texting is more dangerous than talking on the phone, speeding and even drunk driving, as the infographic illustrates. Yet so many people text while driving and assume it isn’t as dangerous.


Laws are coming up faster than a police cruiser in the rear view mirror to stop texting behind the wheel and it is a good thing; we can’t sit by idly while careless drivers continue to cause car accidents because they couldn’t put down their mobile phones. Play it safe and put the mobile phone down while driving, or you may need a good traffic attorney, a doctor or a hearse. Infographic designed by Big Oak Studios

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The Google Driverless Car

The Google Driverless Car


Have you even heard about this?  It’s not a new thing – a factoid at the top tells us that the General Motors Futurama exhibit at New York City’s 1939 World’s Fair featured a driverless electric car.  It was controlled by radio and powered by circuits embedded in the roadway.

It’s Coming

Now they tell us that Google has been testing vehicles equipped with driverless navigation systems, and that the cars tested have driven 1000 miles without human intervention and another 140,000 miles with a little bit of human intervention.  Incidentally, 140,000 miles equates to driving around the globe 5.6 times.  That’s a lot of driverless (or almost driverless) driving.  Nevada is on board with this, having recently passed legislation removing legal barriers around driverless technology.

It’s Safe?

They state the fact that 93% of all automobile crashes are caused by driver error, be it intoxication, texting while driving, etc.  Of all the Google driverless miles that have been driven, there have only been 2 crashes, and both times a human was behind the wheel.

Think of All Those Books You Can Read

“40 minutes of drive time becomes 40 minutes of ‘do something else while your car drives you where you need to go’ time.”


When you think about the fact that the average car is immobile for 96% of its lifetime (sort of like people), a driverless car can increase efficiency.  Your car can be doing something while you’re doing something else.  The examples given are both about sending your car to take your kid someplace or pick your kid up from someplace.  How do you feel about that?

Lost Jobs

There are 232,300 taxi drivers and chauffeurs in this country.  AND there are 647,500 bus drivers, 70% of whom work in school districts.  But then, would you put your kid on a driverless bus?  Who tells them to sit down?

Lost State Revenue

I’ll just quote their example directly.  “If each of California’s 22.6 million licensed drivers opted to get a $25 ID card instead of a $31 license renewal, the state would loose $135,943,728.”  Yeesh.

Reduced DUI

10,228 people died from drinking and driving-related accidents in 2010.  Those lives could have been saved if nobody was driving, and the cars drove themselves, right?  112 million people drive drunk every year.

And Parking…

When the car drives you, it can just drop you off wherever you are going, so you don’t have to park.  You just program the car to come get you.  In New York City, for example, you could save $10,000 per year on parking costs.


Design:  A+

This is a really good-looking infographic.  Seriously.  I have no criticism.

Information:  A

I’d give it a + but I’m afraid of technological advances like this.  What if the cars turned against us?  Kidding….

Source: Driverless Car from Aptus Insurance.com

Safe Road to Santa’s Workshop – Road Sign Safety

Safe Road to Santa’s Workshop – Road Sign Safety

Safe Road to Santas Workshop

No matter what time of year, it’s important to follow road signs and obey traffic laws.  Especially in the holiday season, when so many more people are on the road shopping for gifts and traveling to see family, road hazards are dangerous and a real threat to your happy holiday season.  This infographic brings to light ten road signs that should receive your special attention.  Be diligent out there!

Deer Xing Signs

Pay attention to this one, especially with the deer population rising.  Over 100 people die every year because of deer/auto collisions, of which there are 500,000 annually.

Stop Signs

12% of all traffic fatalities are pedestrian deaths.  If you’re driving, pay attention to stop signs.  If you’re walking, watch out for cars that don’t stop for stop signs.

Don’t Drink and Drive Signs

With holiday parties and whatnot, more and more people take a chance and get behind the wheel after too much wine, eggnog, or other libation.  In 2009, December saw over 2,000 fatal car accidents.  Guess how many of those were alcohol-related?

Share the Road Signs

Every year, 51,000 cyclists are injured by cars.  Just as much as a motorist needs to be mindful to share the road with cyclists, so do cyclists need to be careful of cars who don’t, in fact, want to share the road.

Stop for Pedestrian Signs

Just to reiterate the problem with pedestrian accidents – know that over 4,000 pedestrians are killed every year.

Buckle Up and Drive Carefully Signs

Every year 35,000 people die in a car crash.  Half of them would live if they’d only wear their seat belts.

Snowmobile Signs

While these aren’t seen all over the country, when they do appear, take heed.  Snowmobile accidents kill 200 people and injure 14,000 people every year.

No Texting While Driving

If that terrible television commercial that aired in 2010 wasn’t enough, maybe the information that over 5,000 people die every year because they are distracted while driving will keep your eyes off the smartphone and on the road.

Fire Hydrant Signs

Know where your water source is.  25,000 chimney fires happen every year in the U.S., and that causes over 30 deaths.

Speed Limit Signs

The speed limit is there for a reason.  An increase from 55 MPH to 65 MPH raises the accident fatality rate by 22%.  No matter what the road conditions may be, follow the speed limit to the tee.


Design:  B+

The graphics are OK, and the text is clear and easy to read.

Information:  B+

Some really good information, but I think better statistics could have backed up the stop sign segment of the infographic.  Pedestrian deaths are addressed twice, and other accidents and fatalities can happen as a failure to stop.  Plus, the Drinking and Driving information does not explain explicitly how many deaths per year occur as a result of alcohol, something that should be spelled out because it is such a problem.  Another way to make the information pack more of a whollop would be to include the cost of each infraction.  Not only can you die, if you survive you REALLY have to pay.

Source:  Road to Santa’s Workshop from Road Traffic Signs