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Anatomy of a Job Interview Infographic

Anatomy of a Job Interview Infographic

Infographic highlighting how to have a successful job interview.

Infographic Scorecard

Infographic Design: C+

It is clean and there aren’t any design mistakes, but that is about it. The graphics aren’t related, with some clip art used from multiple sources. The main figure is kinda creepy and I wouldn’t hire him. ;-) The top half and bottom half of the interview infographic don’t match and give two different feels. Would have liked to see the infographic designer make a choice and follow one design path.

Infographic Information: B+

This infographic provides solid and useful advice for the job applicant. While much of the information is common sense there are other bits that someone new to finding a job may not know such as: You should prepare 3 thought-provoking questions for the employer and never ask questions you can find by doing a Internet search. I really enjoyed the “not so common questions” section of the infographic. My favorite interview question in this area was, “How Would you Move Mount Fuji?” My answer would be one stone at at time.

Source: Highest Paying Jobs

Surviving First Dates

Surviving First Dates



Design: B-

I liked the style of graphics used, but there were way too many colors going on to suit me.  I also wasn’t a  big fan of the blurred cartoon graphics in the background.  What is the point?  I understand them not wanting to use pink for the data on the women, and the placement of the data next to a woman’s head cleared up any confusion, but I still didn’t think it was great-looking.  Overall I think it had the potential to be a really visually striking infographic but it missed the mark.

Information: A

Who knew all that stuff about first dates?  Not only do you learn what not to do on a first date (be rude to the waiter, flirt with someone else), you also get helpful information like whether or not your date might hook up with you on the first date based on the type of phone they have.  That’s pure gold, that is.

Source:  Dating Tips from welovedates.com

Inbound Marketing Statistics & Facts

Inbound Marketing Statistics & Facts



Design:  B-

Attractive women, even attractively illustrated women are good for sales. So picking this drawing of a brunette is a good marketing choice, but having the same image repeated, with minor arm changes, brings the grade down a little. The heading graphic is very nice and slick, but the rest of the design lags somewhat. Still, a professionally designed piece that speaks to the integrity of the Spark.

Information:  B

Not bad for a sales pitch. Of course the information is moving you towards a choice to use inbound marketing, which I also believe is better than normal marketing. The facts and statistics about inbound marketing are persuasive and realistic, which is about the best you can do when trying to market yourself.

Inbound Marketing Agency and an Online Marketing Agency in one.

DIY Deck Inspection

DIY Deck Inspection


Now that the warm months are upon us, it’s time to think of our outdoor living spaces.  This infographic addresses how to inspect your deck yourself to find out if there is anything that needs repairs.


90% of deck collapses happen because ledger boards separate.  Look for loose connections, inferior fasteners, and dry rot.

Stairs and Rails

Test the stairs and handrails to make sure they don’t wiggle or sway.

The Hula Hoop Test

Stand in the middle of your deck and swing your hips around like you’re hula hooping.  If the deck wiggles, it needs repair.

The Surface

Inspect your decl and note any loose, cracked or splintered boards.  Also look for popped nails, and signs of rot or insect infestation.

The Legs

Examine the footings and support for loose connections, inferior fasteners, pooling water and signs of decay.

Dry Rot Pick Test

Look around your deck for signs of dry rot.  Pick a spot and stick a screwdriver or ice pick into the wood to see if it gives easily.  If the wood is soft and spongy, the tool penetrates more than a quarter inch, or if the wood breaks with no sound you have dry rot.

Water Hazards

Lawn sprinklers and downspouts can be hazardous to your deck.  Look for rot in wood that is regularly exposed to pooling water.


Design:  B+

Simple, but elegant.

Information:  B+

Good information.

Source:  Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking

Banking – An In-Depth Look at Security Breaches

Banking – An In-Depth Look at Security Breaches


This infographic tells us that in June 2011 Citigroup announced that their computers were hacked and that 360,000 credit card accounts were compromised.  In this particular case, social security numbers and birth dates weren’t shared, but in some other cases they are.  Hence begins an exploration into how vulnerable your personal details really are.

Finding Fraud

A 2010 survey by the Information Security Group revealed that 82% of responding banks and credit unions have experienced fraud.  55% say they still use manual reports to detect fraud.  32% say they feel prepared to prevent online bank fraud.  23% of respondents learned of their fraud through their own auditing process.  Scary.

How Do Banks Protect Themselves?

The Information Security Group says that the best way to fight fraud is through employee and customer education and by promoting awareness.  70% of banks indicated that improvements could be made to their awareness programs.  14% of institutions said that they didn’t have a customer education or awareness program in place.  44% of banks said they planned on investing (when?) in intrusion detection technology.

89% of agencies that experienced fraud didn’t achieve PCI Security Standard Council compliance.  They aren’t doing the simplest things to prevent fraud.

Is Fraud a Common Issue?

1000 IT managers were surveyed by Websense and when asked “Which of the following occurred to you in your organization in the last 12 months” they had some shocking results.

32% reported data lost by employees.

27% reported company data taken from an unprotected mobile device.

20% reported that a CEO or other executive’s confidential data had been breached.

18% reported that confidential data regarding customers was lost.

18% reported that employees had stolen data.

18% reported that systems had failed to pass an internal compliance security audit.

17% said that confidential information was posted to a social networking site.

16% said that system field to pass a third-party compliance security audit.

16% said that the company was victim to advanced and persistant threats.

Preventative Measures

Ponemon did a study that was sponsored by Symantec and it confirmed that cyber attacks were causing organizations to become more conscientious about preventing security breaches.  Companies are more vigilant about preventing system failures, respondents are using training and awareness programs folloing a data breach, and organizations are implementing encryption.

Encryption and data loss prevention have increased by only 17% since 2008.


Design:  A

It’s pretty.

Information:  A

It’s scary, but good to know.  Time to start putting your cash in your mattress, yes?

Source:   thinkgig.com

Dangerous Distractions:  Half of Male Drivers Eye Off Attractive Women

Dangerous Distractions: Half of Male Drivers Eye Off Attractive Women


This infographic addresses the distractions that can make driving a car a dangerous activity.

Driving Distraction Statistics

50.9% of men admitted that they can be distracted by an attractive woman while driving.  54.2% of bachelors said that they get distracted by attractive women while they’re driving.  Being in a relationship didn’t make that much difference, because 49.5% of men in committed relationships said that their driving can suffer when they spy an attractive female.  For shame.  There are four main types of distraction – physical, visual, auditory, and cognitive.


58.9% of men who earn $100,000 or more annually are distracted by pretty women.  43.4% of men who earn less than $50,000 per year are.

Other Types of Distractions

Mobile phones, GPS systems, entertainment systems and radio surfing provide the non-female related tech based distractions, while other passengers, eating, drinking and smoking provide the non-female related non-tech based distractions.

Avoid Common Forms of Distraction

Don’t eat, smoke, talk on your phone, change your clothes, read anything, do your makeup or brush your hair, daydream, look at things other than the roads (like pretty girls), paint your nails, or play with your dog or child while driving.

Back to Tech Distractions

The risk of being in a collision is 4 times higher when you’re using a mobile phone because the distraction causes reduced reaction times, an inability to maintain speed and position, more difficulty judging safe gaps and less awareness of surrounding traffic.  55% of 18-25 year old drivers admit to using their phone while they’re behind the wheel, which is considered a reckless traffic ticket violation in many places.

The Top 10 World’s Worst Drivers

Italy – 12.7%, India – 9%, China – 8.6%, Egypt – 6.8% and France at 4.2% are the top 5 with Vietnam – 3.7, Thailand – 3.5%, USA – 3.4%, Indonesia – 2.9% and Mexico at 2.2% rounding out the bottom 5.


Design: B

It’s clever to use the billboard and street sign theme to get the idea across, but the graphic style is underwhelming.

Information: B+

All good information, and drivers should take care.

Source:  allianz.com

The History of the FDIC

The History of the FDIC


This infographic is hard to read on our page, but it is chock full of interesting information.  Too bad it’s too hard to read.

Information About the FDIC

FDIC stands for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  It was established in 1933 by the Banking Act of 1933 and then the Banking Act of 1935 gave the FDIC the authority to get financial information from all insured, state-charted banks not supervised by the Federal Reserve.  The FDIC is an independent agency of the federal government.  In 1934 their role was to insure each depositor to at least $2,500 per insured bank.  Today the number  is $250,000.  This all came about because of bank failures that followed the Great Depression.  Since its inception, the FDIC is proud that not a single penny of insured funds has been lost.

 In the Past

The first US Bank was chartered in 1791.  In 1819 the federal government required all banks to provide regular banking reports.  In 1836 federal law gave the Secretary of the Treasury the authority to collect information on state banks that were used as federal depositories.  In 1934 the FDIC opened and began to publish annual statistics on the banking industry.  Between 1935 and 954 the data and statistics were formalized and more complex studies were requested.  In 1960 the FDIC began computerization.  In 1972 reports became available to the public, and in 1993 the FDIC’s information became available online.

The Present

The FDIC today examines and supervises over 4,900 banks for “operational safety and soundness” to maintain compliance with various consumer protection laws that require banks to help meet the financial needs of consumers.  The FDIC has an insurance fund used to cover losses from bank failures.

What it Means to You

FDIC-insured institutions are growing, which means that your money could be safer, as long you deposit your money in an FDIC-insured bank.


Design: C

Pretty blue, but kind of boring.  I did like in the “past” part where they put the dates on pennies.  Clever.  The rest of the graphics are uninspiring.

Information: B

A great informative infographic, if you have no idea what the FDIC is.

Source: FDIC history from Nationwide Bank

The World’s Gold Supply

The World’s Gold Supply


This infographic addresses the world’s gold supply.

Sky High Gold

The first part of the infographic  shows you how many miles into the sky each country’s gold reserves would reach into the sky if you took their gold reserved, divided them into standard 1-ounce gold bars and stacked them on top of each other.  The US obviously has the most gold, because our gold would reach 634 miles into the sky and weight 8,133.5 metric tons.  This portion shows other countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, China, Japan, France, Italy, and Germany, and shows how high a jumbo jet can fly (7 miles high), how high the stratosphere is (30 miles), and how high the Hubble Telescope is (353 miles)

Who Holds the Most Gold?

This recaps what we learn in the earlier section.  The US holds the most gold, then Germany, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Italy, France, China, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, and finally, The Netherlands.

Worth its Weight in Gold

Gold is very dense.  One metric ton of gold is equal to 1 million $1 bills, 7 drums of crude oil, or 13.25 American people.  I think that seriously depends on the side of said American people.

A cube weighing one metric ton of gold is currently valued at $51,537,647.

Gold Consumer Demand in Metric Tons

India:  203.3, China:  200.7, Germany:  59.3, Turkey:  52.6, U.S.: 52.4, Switzerland:  37.2, Vietnam:  36.3, Thailand:  22.6, Russia:  18.3, Saudi Arabia:  18.2.

Annual Gold Production by Country in Metric Tons

2450 metric tons of gold are mined annually.  The countries that hold the most gold are not necessarily the ones that produce the most.

China:  320, U.S.: 223.3, Australia:  222, Russia:  205.2, South Africa:  197.6, Peru:  182.4, Indonesia:  127.7, Canada:  97.4 , Ghana:  97.2, Uzbekistan:  73.0.


Design: B+

The design is decent, just a little dated.

Information: A+

The information provided is very interesting.  I learned while I read, and that’s great.

Source: Goldline and Gold Reserves

The Rise of Meet and Greet Airport Parking – UK Infographic

The Rise of Meet and Greet Airport Parking – UK Infographic

airport parking

This infographic addresses Meet & Greet Airport Parking.  Let’s get right into the facts.

Who Uses Meet & Greet Airport Parking?

Marital status:  54% married, 35% single, and 10% partner.

Age range:  9% are 30 & under, 12% are 30-39 years old, 31% are 40-49 years old, 34% are 50-59 years old, and 13% are 60 and over.

Average annual income:  48% make over £50,000 annually.

Why is Meet & Greet Airport Parking Used?

66% of travelers claimed to have saved over an hour of travel time using Meet & Greet Parking, and 32% say they’ve saved 2 hours or more.  Of the travelers surveyed, 65% were traveling for leisure, 34% for business and 1% were traveling for “other.”  67% of travelers say it is very important to save time when traveling.

Safety and Security in Meet & Greet Parking

The Park Mark is a safety award car parks can achieve to show they’ve been vetted by the Police and that they provide a safe place to park.  94% of travelers say a Park Mark award is important to them.  The UK has over 4600 Park Mark car parks.

Why is Meet & Greet Parking Being Used?

Convenience, price, to avoid the bus, good service, good value, and other reasons.  Overall it’s a combination of price, service and convenience.


Design: A

The design is very attractive.  The colors and typefaces are nice.

Information: A

The information provided is great for UK travelers considering Meet & Greet parking.

Source:  stressfreeairportparking.com

A Buyer’s Guide to Snowboards

A Buyer’s Guide to Snowboards


Snowboarding can be fun, exhilarating, and a chance to show off your awesome sense of style.  This infographic says it will help you pick out the best snowboard for you.

With all the snowboarders out there, you’d think that lots of them consider themselves experts, but according to the data presented here only 16% consider themselves experts, while 52% would gauge themselves as intermediate and 325 consider themselves to be beginners.

Most beginners will want to go for an All Mountain snowboard, but there are also Freeride, Freestyle, and Backcountry styles available.

Freeriding is called the “soul of snowboarding” and it’s the off-slope type of snowboarding.  You go off the beaten path to explore.  Freestyling snowboarders land tricks and rotations on halfpipes, railings, and artificial platforms.  Think skateboarding, but with snow.  Backcountry boarding is for advanced snowboarders only.  It’s like freeriding, but more dangerous.  Backcountry boarders are often dropped from helicopters.

Shapes of Snowboards

The shape of the board is important.  You can get a rocker or a camber.  Rockers are more popular.  They provide a forgiving ride, but have a weaker edge grip and are unstable at high speeds.  A camber gives an extra pop on jumps and better edge hold, but has a bad catching edge.  A hybrid is a well-balanced board, but you sacrifice proficiency on anything but straight boarding.

Best of the Boards

The favorites featured are the Custom Flying V, Ride Agenda and the GNU Ladies Choice.


Design:  B

The design is colorful, but snowboarding is sort of an edgy sport and I expected better graphics


The information provided is good, but I would have liked more context around numbers given.

Source:  Snowboarding Gear by Sport Chalet