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How to Prevent Pool Drownings Infographic

How to Prevent Pool Drownings Infographic


Summer is here which means more and more people will enjoy some time in a pool. A pool is a great way to relax and cool off from the summer heat. While pools are relaxing and fun they can still be dangerous and it is important to be safe when at the pool. Here is an infographic on how to keep you and your children safe at the pool.

Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C

I have to start by saying that this really looks like a poster from the seventies in a school somewhere. I don’t know if they were going for a “vintage” look or what but it is definitely old and out of date. Everything from the colors and the font they used screams old and boring. I even found the text hard to read sometimes because of the colors overlapping especially the red text on the pool water. The grey silhouettes of the people at the pool make this already scary topic feel even creepier. If the people had faces and expressions the feel of the infographic would be completely different. The graph in the infographic is a simple bar graph and while the information is clear the graph could have be done in a more creative way.  I would have liked to have seen a pool as the graph and the water levels could have shown the different levels. While the “what can you do” section is important, I would have liked to have seen a list instead of a long paragraph that was hard to read. I was confused by the map of the United States and the statistics pointing to Washington State. Was the information regarding Washington State? Is it just a representative of the whole United States? So I think that if the statistics are regarding just the state of Washington then it needs to be labeled. This infographic had the potential to be interesting and informative but the colors and theme that were used made it look unappealing.

Infographic Information: C+

The information in this infographic is important because pools can be a dangerous place. They can be fun but it is also an easy place to get hurt. I like the bulleted lists at the top that told readers what they could do to make their pools safer. Information should always be presented in a way that is easy for readers to read and understand. I never knew that filters and drains can cause injury or death due to entrapment. I learned that if someone is being pulled into the drain that you should not pull them but break the suction by sticking your hand in between their body and the drain. I was not surprised by the chart that showed drowning deaths by months. It seems obvious that more people would drown during the summer when more people are out in the pool. I was surprised to see that there was still some in December and January but I guess these could be indoor pools or pools in areas that are still warm that time of year. I have to say that the last section about what you can do about pool safety is a little bit of a cop out. It just says to get swimming lessons for your child. While I think that is important there could have been a little more information here. I feel like they just got to the end and decided to just tell the reader to get swimming lessons. Give us some more information about pool rules and safety so that we can be prepared for when we do take swimming lessons. This infographic was about Pool Safety and when you read it, it gives you a few statistics and then tells you to just take swimming lessons. I would say overall that the infographic can be informative to someone who knows nothing about pool safety but other than that it would not be particularly helpful to read.

Infographic submitted by Obu Interactive on behalf of the Perey Law Group.

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DIY Deck Inspection

DIY Deck Inspection


Now that the warm months are upon us, it’s time to think of our outdoor living spaces.  This infographic addresses how to inspect your deck yourself to find out if there is anything that needs repairs.


90% of deck collapses happen because ledger boards separate.  Look for loose connections, inferior fasteners, and dry rot.

Stairs and Rails

Test the stairs and handrails to make sure they don’t wiggle or sway.

The Hula Hoop Test

Stand in the middle of your deck and swing your hips around like you’re hula hooping.  If the deck wiggles, it needs repair.

The Surface

Inspect your decl and note any loose, cracked or splintered boards.  Also look for popped nails, and signs of rot or insect infestation.

The Legs

Examine the footings and support for loose connections, inferior fasteners, pooling water and signs of decay.

Dry Rot Pick Test

Look around your deck for signs of dry rot.  Pick a spot and stick a screwdriver or ice pick into the wood to see if it gives easily.  If the wood is soft and spongy, the tool penetrates more than a quarter inch, or if the wood breaks with no sound you have dry rot.

Water Hazards

Lawn sprinklers and downspouts can be hazardous to your deck.  Look for rot in wood that is regularly exposed to pooling water.


Design:  B+

Simple, but elegant.

Information:  B+

Good information.

Source:  Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking

Reasons for Buying a Condominium Infographic

Reasons for Buying a Condominium Infographic


This infographic is appealing.  Like cake or candy.  The pictures are so pretty you almost want to eat them.  Or make little computer people to live in them while you decide what they eat and who they interact with.  But I digress…

Courtesy of a Winnipeg real estate agent, we are given seven reasons for buying a condominium.  Though the agent is located in Winnipeg, the advice is applicable in the US, and the reasons presented are good.  The infographic gives enough information without giving too much, and the graphics are top-notch.  Here are the reasons for buying a condominium, according to them.


Condominiums are great for first-time homebuyers because they are usually less expensive, and they are supposedly a way to avoid the bidding wars associated with buying a single family home.  They don’t really tell you how a condo differs from a free-standing house in terms of the negotiation, but one can assume that it’s because condominiums are often new, with a set price, and they are often priced to sell.


They bring up a relevant point, and that is with a detached home you often have a yard to worry about, while in a condominium you don’t.  This works great if you travel often, if you don’t like doing yard work (a topic addressed later), or if you don’t want people to know your home is empty while you’re away.  Which brings us to…


Condominiums often offer security cameras, secure entrances, and other things like hired security personnel that you don’t get in a detached home, unless you want to pay a lot of money.  These added security features are part of the condominium living experience, and are something to think about if you travel, live alone, or own expensive things.


Because many condo communities offer common rooms, fitness centers, or swimming pools, there are places for the residents to congregate, making it easier to get to know the people who live around you.  Some condominium communities even schedule activities for their residents, so you have the opportunity to become friends with people in your community who share similarities in lifestyle, likely, and who are your neighbors.

Lower Operating Costs

There are things you most likely won’t have to pay when you live in a condominium.  One can be building insurance.  It’s wise to insure your possession, but the cost of insuring the actual structure falls into the hands of the managing company, and is part of the purchase price or dues.  In some communities, you also will not have to pay heat, water, or other utilities because they are built into the fees you pay.  So instead of paying lots of bills, you pay one, and because you’re sharing the utility bills with others, your overall operating costs are lower.

Home Ownership

You’ll be living apartment-style, condo-style, or townhouse-style with all the conveniences these types of dwellings offer, but you’ll still be a homeowner, so you will reap the benefits associated with owning your own home.  In addition to any tax breaks you get (in the US), you also can treat the condo just like it’s a house.  You can design it however you want within the confines of the space, you can rent it out to someone else, you can borrow against it and take out a second mortgage…all the same things you can do with a detached home, except for adding on to the space.

No Yardwork

Cutting grass?  Forget it.  Shoveling snow?  Not your problem.  Cleaning gutters, fixing walkways, trimming hedges, and all that comes with the outdoor maintenance of a home is all taken care of.  All you have to do is live there.

Design:  A

The graphics say what the text doesn’t, so they compliment each other very well, and the entire infographic is appealing and fun to look at.  All the typeface choices are good, the color scheme is pleasing, and I can’t find anything wrong with the design, except for that Realtors like to put their faces on everything.  Although, he looks like a trustworthy guy, so I suppose that adds to this infographic’s charm.

Information:  A-

The information is straightforward, but not overly enlightening.   These are common-sense facts that are laid out and provided in an attractive way.

VIA Bo Kauffmann at Winnepegg Home Finder

The Life of a Cruise Ship Infographic

The Life of a Cruise Ship Infographic

how big are cruise ships

This infographic displays facts about the world’s largest and most incredible cruise ship: The acclaimed Oasis of the Sea. This ship cost a mere 1.4 billion dollars to construct and took 1,700 hours of engineering and design work prior to the beginning of its construction.  All the work that went into this baby was worth it; it can accommodate 5,400 passengers and 2,165 crew hands.

Just don’t ask the captain of the ship to “step on it.”  The thing can only travel at a speed of 26 miles per hour, so in many ways, it’s like a big fat walrus with an engine (or three to be exact.)  Wait, did I say fat walrus?  I meant mammoth walrus.  Get a load of this: the ship has a carousel, a 350 yard park, a pool with two diving towers, a golf course, and a basketball court.  It’s basically like a little town on board.

Night times on the Oasis are filled with fun.  There’s a casino, an amphitheater with a pool, and two surf simulators.  Feel like taking a (non-permanent)  risk?  You can go the fake tattoo parlor and get any tattoo that your heart desires.  Good thing the parlor only offers fake tattoos.  There are far too many inebriated people who get tattoos on a whim in this world.  At the strike of midnight, the song “Midnight at the Oasis” by Maria Muldaur pipes through the halls. (I’m only assuming this; I have no idea if this theory is actually true.)

Do you to like to eat and drink?  If so, I think you’ll find the selection on this ship quite satisfying.  There are 20 restaurants and 37 bars.  Spend enough time on this ship, and you may resolve that there’s no reason to leave.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: A-

The design is above-average.  It has a nice “under-the-sea” sort of feel. Many elements were juxtaposed nicely. I would have awarded an “A” instead of an “A-” but I’m a tough grader, and in order for me to hand out an “A,” I have to be blown away by the art.

Content: A

The creator was able to jam enough facts in this graphic to fill a small paper about The Oasis and cruising in general. Details like how many different egg styles are served on the ship were a nice touch.  Well-done!

Graphic supplied by Iglucruise