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Oil Investments Infographic

Oil Investments Infographic

Direct Oil Investments can be an excellent alternative to the more traditional investments such as stock and bonds. This infographic will explain how these programs are structured, the unique tax benefits associated with oil investments as well as how the revenue is ultimately paid back to investors.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design:  B+

The design of this infographic is creative and uses images of pipes to help capture the feel of the information. The titles are clear and easy to distinguish from the other text. All of the images that were used were appropriate and acceptable.

Infographic Information: B

The information on this infographic is for anyone who is interested in investing in oil. There are so many types of programs and this infographic helps to break them down for readers to understand. I think the infographic does a good job of taking a very confusing subject and making it clear.

Infographic provided by US Oil Properties


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A Buyer’s Guide to Snowboards

A Buyer’s Guide to Snowboards


Snowboarding can be fun, exhilarating, and a chance to show off your awesome sense of style.  This infographic says it will help you pick out the best snowboard for you.

With all the snowboarders out there, you’d think that lots of them consider themselves experts, but according to the data presented here only 16% consider themselves experts, while 52% would gauge themselves as intermediate and 325 consider themselves to be beginners.

Most beginners will want to go for an All Mountain snowboard, but there are also Freeride, Freestyle, and Backcountry styles available.

Freeriding is called the “soul of snowboarding” and it’s the off-slope type of snowboarding.  You go off the beaten path to explore.  Freestyling snowboarders land tricks and rotations on halfpipes, railings, and artificial platforms.  Think skateboarding, but with snow.  Backcountry boarding is for advanced snowboarders only.  It’s like freeriding, but more dangerous.  Backcountry boarders are often dropped from helicopters.

Shapes of Snowboards

The shape of the board is important.  You can get a rocker or a camber.  Rockers are more popular.  They provide a forgiving ride, but have a weaker edge grip and are unstable at high speeds.  A camber gives an extra pop on jumps and better edge hold, but has a bad catching edge.  A hybrid is a well-balanced board, but you sacrifice proficiency on anything but straight boarding.

Best of the Boards

The favorites featured are the Custom Flying V, Ride Agenda and the GNU Ladies Choice.


Design:  B

The design is colorful, but snowboarding is sort of an edgy sport and I expected better graphics


The information provided is good, but I would have liked more context around numbers given.

Source:  Snowboarding Gear by Sport Chalet

The Life of a Cruise Ship Infographic

The Life of a Cruise Ship Infographic

how big are cruise ships

This infographic displays facts about the world’s largest and most incredible cruise ship: The acclaimed Oasis of the Sea. This ship cost a mere 1.4 billion dollars to construct and took 1,700 hours of engineering and design work prior to the beginning of its construction.  All the work that went into this baby was worth it; it can accommodate 5,400 passengers and 2,165 crew hands.

Just don’t ask the captain of the ship to “step on it.”  The thing can only travel at a speed of 26 miles per hour, so in many ways, it’s like a big fat walrus with an engine (or three to be exact.)  Wait, did I say fat walrus?  I meant mammoth walrus.  Get a load of this: the ship has a carousel, a 350 yard park, a pool with two diving towers, a golf course, and a basketball court.  It’s basically like a little town on board.

Night times on the Oasis are filled with fun.  There’s a casino, an amphitheater with a pool, and two surf simulators.  Feel like taking a (non-permanent)  risk?  You can go the fake tattoo parlor and get any tattoo that your heart desires.  Good thing the parlor only offers fake tattoos.  There are far too many inebriated people who get tattoos on a whim in this world.  At the strike of midnight, the song “Midnight at the Oasis” by Maria Muldaur pipes through the halls. (I’m only assuming this; I have no idea if this theory is actually true.)

Do you to like to eat and drink?  If so, I think you’ll find the selection on this ship quite satisfying.  There are 20 restaurants and 37 bars.  Spend enough time on this ship, and you may resolve that there’s no reason to leave.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: A-

The design is above-average.  It has a nice “under-the-sea” sort of feel. Many elements were juxtaposed nicely. I would have awarded an “A” instead of an “A-” but I’m a tough grader, and in order for me to hand out an “A,” I have to be blown away by the art.

Content: A

The creator was able to jam enough facts in this graphic to fill a small paper about The Oasis and cruising in general. Details like how many different egg styles are served on the ship were a nice touch.  Well-done!

Graphic supplied by Iglucruise