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History of Japanese Bloodtyping Infographic

History of Japanese Bloodtyping Infographic

history of japanese bloodtyping infographic

When this was submitted by a reader I wasn’t sure what to think. I had never  heard of bloodtyping. Blood types? Yes.

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something as weird and commercial as this. If you want to know more about bloodtyping, take a gander over here. The basic idea is that your blood type dictates many things about you: your personality, your likes, your strengths and weaknesses and so on. Whether you believe this is true or not (I, personally do not. It sound like astrology and horoscoping to me which I also believe is a fantasy.) is not the point. How does this serve its audience as an infographic?

The red color was an obvious and good choice, the color of blood, of course. But the designer chose the better path, rather than dominating the image with red and splatters to resemble a horror poster, they have chosen a very clinical approach that works quite well. The non-descript people with their red accessories is well placed in this infographic. The graphics all match in terms of their design and the hint of the japanese culture with the blossoms at the top and throughout the infographic really gives it a nice touch.

The blue color contrasts nicely with the red color and the use of white text really hits home the clinical feel I mentioned earlier. Each section is easily identified, the content is presented cleanly with obvious breaks and the typeface has its own personality yet isn’t distracting for the reader. A good choice of color, design elements and shapes makes this infographic worth the blood, sweat and tears.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: B
Clean, fun graphics with excellent color choices.

Content: B
Fascinating insight and interesting stats about a new fad. The Japanese are always doing something interesting and weird. ;-)

Trusting Beards Infographic

Trusting Beards Infographic

Beards Infographic

Beards and facial hair certainly get a bad rap from time to time or should I say from fashion decade to fashion decade. Sometimes the mustache is in, sometimes it is out.What about the goatee? In fashion of not. The beard can be impressive or oppressive. Too much hair on the face can be shaggy, but Shaggy only had a tuft on his chin. Is that beatnik or cool or are they the same. Soul patch or Fu Manchu? What is your preference? The debate over beards and facial hair is a hairy one to be sure, but this handy dandy infographic on beards will help you make the wise choice.

If you are a man, what type of beard do you grow? What do you want your beard to say about your personality. And now you will know how to react when you see someone sporting a beard. No more getting to know someone, now a quick, snap judgment can be made as long as you carry this helpful infographic around.

In all seriousness, you need to click this infographic and view it at a larger size. The comedy is well groomed and trimmed up just right.

Graphics go great with the witty commentary. A fun infographic with no purpose other than to entertain.

Source: PixelSpread.com

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Online Dating Survey Questions & Answers Infographic

Online Dating Survey Questions & Answers Infographic

We all remember the rejection of being turned down for a date or not being asked by that certain someone who we were sure would see how wonderful we were if only they would ask us out. The rules of love and romance change constantly but the reasons why you are denied love and romance are fairly consistent and this infographic puts into graphic form some of those very reasons. The dating infographic ends with the tagline by WeLoveDates.com, Love is on our side. Say what? Love is usually pummeling us both physically and emotionally. Sure love is great at times, but it also wallops us when we least expect it and gives us a dose of humility we never like the taste of, but I digress…

Labeled as an interesting survey about online dating, the infographic shows topics that can hinder your probability of being asked out on a date. As a surprise to no one, smoking is a big turn-off at 76%. I thought it would have been higher in our current health-at-all-costs generation. Other results are provided that are as expected, such as people would rather date someone who is physically attractive (points off more misspelling physical as phisical) rather than having a good personality. Would you date someone who had dated a friend?: 63% said they would not. And no one wants to date someone who is doing drugs…well, some said it depends on drug.

But the secret to a good infographic is providing information or statistics that surprise you and there are a few here. It is surprising, to me at least, that 59% of the people surveyed would date someone with children and almost 70% would date a work colleague (misspelled as coleague). Usually work relationships are shunned for obvious potential awkward reasons.

The presentation is clean and the colors go well enough together, but the spacing on the text is questionable in many places such as the number percentages being to close the answers (Yes and 37% aren’t separated by enough space). But other than that the choice of fonts is safe and easily readable. The graphics are a mish-mash of stock images and therefore don’t play well together, such as using “info-people” with the question of would you date people who had previously dated friends andthen  using realistic silhouettes of humans for the next question. Why not use consistent outlines of people? I was also confused about the length of ash on the cigarette? Shouldn’t the ash be 76% of the length?

As with many infographics I see nowadays, the time to make a really quality design isn’t applied here. I think it’s obvious when there are two spelling mistakes within such a small amount of graphical text. The graphics are not uniform and only 7 questions are used in a stacked format so information is limited

Unfortunately this infographic on dating will be sitting home waiting for the phone to ring.

Design: C
Average design with nothing to stand it out. Use of clip graphics could have be uniform, but there is no plan or thought to keep the piece unified.

Information: C
No sources are given and the information is so-so at best; no eye-openers here and 2 typos really hurt with so little text.

Self Employment in the United States vs United Kingdom

Self Employment in the United States vs United Kingdom


Ah, the American dream and apparently the United Kingdom dream – being your own boss. Self employment sounds glamorous. Think about is: no one to tell you want to do, long vacations, deciding your own hours, sleep in, leave early, etc. But the realities (and I know from current personal experience) are very different, but I digress…

And while the idea of being self employed is attractive and the reality is hard work, you may wonder if being self employed in the United States vs the UK is very different.

According to this infographic,  the differences are not major but there is a trend that points toward a more successful career in the United States. More Americans work for themselves and with good reasons such as United States citizens make more money being self employed and UK workers put in more hours. Seems like a good reason to start a business in the US vs the UK. Oh, you pay more taxes in the UK as well. Hmmmm, you may want to consider moving to the US if you are about to start a business in the UK.

The infographic artist has provided 10 nifty fact about self employment in the US and across the pond in the UK. The different facts are of small interest but I felt some even more statistics would have helped, such as what types of self employed jobs are being held. And what about success and failure rates in both countries? Is it easier or harder to start a business in the United State? The content is sparse as stated above with only 10 facts being shown and more would have helped.

The containing design is limited to boxes of gradient colors, which seems to be chosen at random. Pinks, blues yellows, grays and black with no uniformity. The boxes of color sit atop one another with no central or unifying theme, other than the font with nothing graphically connecting or overlapping in between the boxes. The rectangles could be reordered or placed side by side with no negative or positive effect. Which is great if you are playing with blocks, but this is supposed to be a thoughtful design piece.

I felt the facts and designs in each box was self-contained and have been in a slide show about self employment with each fact contained within a single slide. Maybe that was the thought all along. The font choice is nice and is easy to read. The fonts is fun and unassuming so it goes well with the light fare of content. The graphics are high quality images that look great at their large size, but they don’t add any personality to the infographic. Stock images appear to be the source. The illustrations are simple shapes and are mostly maps,with a human object used to show a worker. Nothing exciting and nothing horrible, but opportunities for a better design certainly existed.

Design: C-

I don’t mind simple design when done with the idea of simplicity in mind. But here I felt the simplicity was based on speed. As in I have to get a infographic done quickly. the large amounts of “white space” don’t make sense either. It is used in some boxed but not others.

Information: C-

All of the facts are easy to come by and not all that fascinating. Many other interesting facts were not included and would have helped this piece. Much like the quick feel of the design, the information in this infographic didn’t feel well researched.

source: Being Self Employed in the UK vs USA


Corn Eating Personality Test

Corn Eating Personality Test


Okay, this isn’t technically an infographic, but it is hilarious. So bear with me as I give you a laugh. The illustration style is rudimentary and the color choices are suspect, but the content is A+. So if you ever want to test your date, I suggest cooking up some corn on the cob and asking her to take this simple corn on the cob eating personality test. You’ll know everything you need to before the last kernel is gone.

via Pleated Jeans