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Bedroom Endurance Infographic

Bedroom Endurance Infographic


Here is an amusing infographic that also provides valuable information. It’s possibly not safe for work though (especially if you work at a grade school), so if you’re reading this blog in an environment not conducive to borderline adult content, don’t say we didn’t warn you. These facts and figures about bedroom endurance, provided by Prezzybox.com, are unique and intriguing, to say the least.

Here’s a stat sure to amaze you: if you slept with ten people per day for sixty years, the total would be 219, 150 people, which is enough to fill Wembley stadium. So, be sure to get on that. Hey, ever wondered who had the most sexual partners in a single day? The record for a woman is 52 and the record for a man is 919. Cue the “The More You Know…” tune.

The graphic goes on to compare the various speeds of different man-made creations, including a city bus, a sneeze, cheese rolling, a dog running, and sperm. A sneeze clocks in as the fastest at 35 miles per hour, but sperm is right on its heels, clocking it at 28 miles per hour. It also has a graph that points out top dads in the world. Frankly, one could probably make an entire graphic on the issue of top dads. Here, the qualification for being a top dad is that you father an extremely high number of children. To summarize:

Indian Farmer Nanu Ram Jogi fathered his 21st child at the age of 90.

Moulay Ismail Ibn Sharif sired 1,042 kids from his 500 wives. He was able to crank out 19 a year. Whew!

The graphic does not note this, but musical great John Sebastain Bach also had several children: 20 to be exact, hence the reason that someone could devote an entire graphic to the issue of “top dads.”

Design: B

The concept of aligning facts and figures on a giant heart with Cupid looking on was interesting. The charts and graphics seemed to mesh well. I think the organization could have been a bit stronger, and ultimately, that’s why I can’t give it an A.

Content: A-

Some very amusing (not to mention unique) stats can be found here! A good job on the part of the creators to do the math to figure out how many people one would sleep with if they slept with 10 a day for a year. A graphic that is both entertaining and filled with essential information really hits the spot. :)

The Dangers of Driving Infographic

The Dangers of Driving Infographic

You may remember the graphic we ran about the dangers of driving down a highway at 65 miles per hour with one hand on the radio and the other hand on the keypad of a smartphone. Texting while driving can indeed be hazardous. Today, Autonetinsurance.co.uk presents to you a more over-arching graphic about the hazards of driving in general.

If the purpose of the graphic is to suddenly make you feel less safe about driving, then it’s done its job. Not that a graphic like this would deter anyone from taking a car somewhere instead of a train or plane (people seem to prioritize cost over safety when they travel as a rule), but the infographic might make you think twice about whether or not you should make that illegal u-turn the next time the situation presents itself.

2,538 people die a year as a result of automobile accidents in the U.K. The graphic compares your odds of being killed in a car with your odds of being killed in other situations. In Britain, the odds of being killed in a car are 1 in 200 and in 1 in 65,000 in train. Frankly, I was surprised that the odds of being killed in a train crash were even as high as they are.  You would think, by now, any and all train accidents would be minimized the point where they basically no longer exist. But I suppose it only takes one person at a train station to make a mistake, causing a train to flip off the rails or the like.

Here’s a funny stat about winning the lottery: you are more likely to die during your car ride to buy a ticket then you are to actually win the lottery. So, hopefully that will deter you from throwing your money away at a lottery station. The graphic points out that men account for 76 percent of all auto accidents and examines the other components that play a role: components like speed (yes, shockingly speed impacts your likelihood to get into a car accident), alcohol, time, month,  age, and whether you are using a mobile device (that last one is a shocker I’m sure as well. Road death is also very expensive. The cost of a single road death in the U.K. economy is 1.79 million! No wonder the country is mired in debt.

Design: B+

Let’s toot this graphic’s horn a bit. A very strong graphic–very strong graphic indeed. The combination of images and charts are rock-solid. The only reason we haven’t awarded this graphic an A is because, frankly, we’ve seen so many high-end infographics, that we’ve become desensitized to them.

Content: A-

The content here within in fantastic. It is to the point and fascinating. Far too often graphic creators take interesting stats and present them in boring ways. The creator of this graphic really “gets it” from a content standpoint.

The Life of a Cruise Ship Infographic

The Life of a Cruise Ship Infographic

how big are cruise ships

This infographic displays facts about the world’s largest and most incredible cruise ship: The acclaimed Oasis of the Sea. This ship cost a mere 1.4 billion dollars to construct and took 1,700 hours of engineering and design work prior to the beginning of its construction.  All the work that went into this baby was worth it; it can accommodate 5,400 passengers and 2,165 crew hands.

Just don’t ask the captain of the ship to “step on it.”  The thing can only travel at a speed of 26 miles per hour, so in many ways, it’s like a big fat walrus with an engine (or three to be exact.)  Wait, did I say fat walrus?  I meant mammoth walrus.  Get a load of this: the ship has a carousel, a 350 yard park, a pool with two diving towers, a golf course, and a basketball court.  It’s basically like a little town on board.

Night times on the Oasis are filled with fun.  There’s a casino, an amphitheater with a pool, and two surf simulators.  Feel like taking a (non-permanent)  risk?  You can go the fake tattoo parlor and get any tattoo that your heart desires.  Good thing the parlor only offers fake tattoos.  There are far too many inebriated people who get tattoos on a whim in this world.  At the strike of midnight, the song “Midnight at the Oasis” by Maria Muldaur pipes through the halls. (I’m only assuming this; I have no idea if this theory is actually true.)

Do you to like to eat and drink?  If so, I think you’ll find the selection on this ship quite satisfying.  There are 20 restaurants and 37 bars.  Spend enough time on this ship, and you may resolve that there’s no reason to leave.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: A-

The design is above-average.  It has a nice “under-the-sea” sort of feel. Many elements were juxtaposed nicely. I would have awarded an “A” instead of an “A-” but I’m a tough grader, and in order for me to hand out an “A,” I have to be blown away by the art.

Content: A

The creator was able to jam enough facts in this graphic to fill a small paper about The Oasis and cruising in general. Details like how many different egg styles are served on the ship were a nice touch.  Well-done!

Graphic supplied by Iglucruise