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Growing Up Video Infographic

Wonderfully fun and light-hearted video infographic on a subject most of us want to avoid, getting older and growing up. Narrated by a sweet little girl’s voice, this video is cheerful even as it discusses the prospect of moving through life faster than we want to and rewards that await.

Information from the Youtube.com page:

This is an Infographic for school (VFS) The script was made by Vincent Lui

The video made by:
Kasey Lum
Marisa Torres
Alexander Badr

Growing up…

music by luc
voice by mikayla faria

Growing up means getting married one day.  And marriage usually brings copious amounts of jewelry into the home.  As a married couple ages, money may become tight, and they may need to sell jewelry in order to make ends meet. Yes, the cycle of life. The video infographic sheds more light on the subject of aging.

Which Month Causes the Highest Divorce Rate?

Which Month Causes the Highest Divorce Rate?

January is known as the “the most deadly month for marriages” because it sees the most divorces during any given year. What is the cause for such a huge increase? The reasons why may surprise you.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: C+

The design lacks creativity but the information is organized well and is easy to read. I appreciate the use of charts but they are similar to ones seen before. It is important to have a creative infographic design to standout amongst the many others.

Infographic Information: B+

The information is good and interesting to read. The infographic shows which month has the most divorces and then helps explain why they believe that month correlates with divorce.

Infographic via www.knclawfirm.com/practice-areas/family-law/

A Guide to an Outdoor Wedding

A Guide to an Outdoor Wedding

You have come to the right place if your looking to have an outdoor wedding. Since almost half of all weddings took place outside, it’s something that you should consider for your wedding. The number of people who wish to have a religious wedding is dropping every year because couples want to get married in an unique way. Summer weddings are the most popular time to get married, but not by much. Couples are choosing to get married in the spring, fall and winter too. The typical wedding has been replaced unique weddings.

The purpose of the infographic is to give you tips on how to have the perfect wedding. For decorations, the graphics offers tips in the following categories: rose petals, chair decorations, carpets in wedding colors, and lighting. In addition, the graphic gives you tips on how to prepare the food for the wedding. The couple will have to decide which appetizer, entrees, and wedding cake is right for their individual wedding. To help you decide which one is right for your wedding, you should follow the tips on the graphic.

You have thousands of places you can have your outdoor wedding but two popular locations are Central Park in New York City or the beaches of Hawaii. Some other aspects that you have to consider are: insects, chairs for the guests, whether or not a permit is needed, is it in a shady spot, do you need electrical equipment, etc. When it comes to a getaway, you have three moods of transportation. They are: by sea, by land, or by air.

If you need more information about outdoor weddings, you can look at our many sources below. We wish you luck with planning the perfect outdoor weddings. It is becoming much more common than you think!

Infographic Via: Weddington Way


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Royal Wedding Facts & Statistics

Royal Wedding Facts & Statistics


My wife, who is not English, was fascinated by the Royal Wedding between William and Kate. Her fascination moved her to record some 15 hours of shows in order to watch cover coverage from the United States as well as Britain. In addition, she recorded many other pre-shows building to the blessed event that would dominate the thoughts of all little girls everywhere, even if they were in their forties, but I digress…

This infographic is provided by DatingSites.org, which provides reviews of dating sites. What a coincidence, since I will be providing a review of their Royal Wedding infographic. The infographic hits the high points of any wedding, be it Royal or common. It gives facts about the wedding dress worn by Kate and some other notable royalty. Kate had the shortest wedding dress, while Princess Diana had the longest wedding dress train at 25 feet.

The wedding cake was also researched and compared with wedding cakes from Charles and Diana’s wedding and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding in 1840. Victoria’s cake weighed in at 300 pounds, while Queen Elizabeth’s cake was massive at 500 pounds and stood nine-feet tall. That’s a lot of cake!

Did you wonder why you didn’t get your wedding invitation to the Royal Wedding? The infographic will put your mind at ease. Only 1900 people were invited to the service held at Westminster Abbey, so a lot of disappointed people were just like you, out of luck and watching the wedding on television. Other facts about the wedding included, profit from the souvenirs, information about the wedding ring and of course the price tag on the whole affair. Hard to believe, but Charles and Diana’s wedding was almost twice the price. William and Kate’s wedding was about $60 million while Diana’s father didn’t have to pay a dime of the $110 million for her storybook wedding. Kate’s wedding dress, which was much more conservative came in at a whopping $400K and Diana’s wedding dress was a steal at $45k.

So much for the fun facts and statistics about the Royal wedding, what about the graphic design in the infographic? I like it very much. The header text is a heavy slab serif font that makes it easy to read and the body copy is a very clean sans serif typeface that works well on the dark background. The illustrations are well done and playful. A uniform theme was achieved and the drawings worked well with the information and the color palette. Simple illustrations that add a splash of color and even when using white it worked. Not so subtle, but still a success, was the use of Britain’s colors and the Union Jack flag.

If you were sour on not getting an invite to the Royal Wedding, being invited to see the infographic about the wedding should have you shedding tears of joy!

Design: A-

Great choice of colors, illustration and fonts. Nice touch using Britain’s colors.

Information: A

Just showing facts about the most recent Royal Wedding would have been the easy solution, but comparing past weddings made this special.

Is it good to be single? An Infographic’s tale

Is it good to be single? An Infographic’s tale

This graphic, produced by pimsleurapproach.com, examines the benefits of being single. The graphic opens up by displaying some raw stats, not all of them pleasant. One third of all marriages end after 10 years according the graphic (frankly, I”m surprised that stat is as high as it is). 2/3 of people who are married stay together, though the graphic does not indicate for how long.

While I would like to believe that the divorce rate is much lower after people have been married for over ten years, I’m actually inclined to believe that this may not be the case for one simple reason: kids. I think many people remain locked into marriages they despise for the sake of their children, and if marriages are ending after ten years, it means that the couple is getting divorced when their children are only ten years old. I think most people who are only together for their children’s sake wait for the children to be teenagers before they file divorce papers, or if they are overly concerned about how their offspring will react, wait for their kids to go off to college before they begin the splitting process.

But this graphic isn’t about divorce, it’s about something not nearly as horrific: being single. The graphic argues that being married comes with many downsides. As many already suspected, marriages make most people gain weight. The graphic postulates that this is true because married people weigh more on average than single people. This theory actually revolves around a logical flaw, but I wouldn’t harp on that too much. All I will say is that it could be that people who weigh more get married more than people who weigh less. The graphic is not making any claims about how much weight the average person puts on after getting married, which would have been a much less specious argument.

The graphic then goes on to talk about how marriage can hit you where it hurts: in the wallet or pocketbook. Some quick stats:
–The average Valentine’s Day costs $160.37.
–44% of women are bothered if a man expects them to help pay for a meal (so much for gender equality?)
–The total costs a married couple endures while dating amounts to $40,441.92. Woo! Woo!

The graphic gets quite comical by the end, pointing out that instead of dating, a couple could purchase 259 years of World of Warcraft (talk about pure hell), 81 ipads (no one needs that many, no one), or 9,000 Starbucks macchiatos (mmm..9,000 cups of overpriced coffee). On to the grading segment we go.

Design: B+

Most graphics we feature on this site have a width of 660 pixels. This graphics width is only 430 pixels wide, making it one of the smallest graphics we’ve ever reviewed. That said, the graphic still holds its own. I think the design is strong overall and patchy in only a few areas, preventing me from giving it an A.

Content: A

The content of the graphic is excellent. The facts were original and thought-provoking, and the graphic actually provoked an emotional response. When a graphic brings about the emotional response that the author intended, we award it with an automatic A. The humor was a superb touch.