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Mobile Gaming Gaining Popularity Infographic

Mobile Gaming Gaining Popularity Infographic

jackpot infographic

Being the proud owner of a iPhone 4 I understand the lure of mobile gaming all to well. This infographic does a solid job of presenting a wide range of information from number of companies developing mobile gaming applications to various characteristics of the mobile gamers. I was more than a little surprised to see that female mobile gamers outnumber the male mobile gamers. I guess us men need the big screen to fully pump up our testosterone to levels high enough to enjoy the gaming experience.

While the graphics are simple, using mostly muted colors and familiar geometric shapes, the vast amount of information almost dictates this type of minimalistic and ordered design. Graphics and words play well together, neither one dominating the other. The choice am modern font was a no-brainer and serves the design well. In fact, the entire infographic has the feel of being read on a mobile device. This is probably my perception and not the intent of the designer but it helps the piece feel more connected with its content.

And with this post, I begin my new rating scorecard.

Design: B-
Solid design, thoughtful use of colors, shapes and space.

Content: B-
Interesting, while not overwhelming.

source: http://jackpotcity.com/

Killing with your iPhone – Assassin Master

Killing with your iPhone – Assassin Master


I own and iPhone and have had one for years. I love it for all of the wonderful things it can do. My iPhone does lots of things such as makes calls, take photographs, record my messages, surf the internet, remind me of appointments and many other useful tasks. I feel as if I couldn’t sometimes live without; kind of like an addiction where you reach for it first thing in the morning and put it down on your bed side table at night, or you place it lovingly on the pillow near you and whisper to it, but I digress…

Of course one of the best things to do with your iPhone is play games and that is what this iconographic is really referring to; you can’t really kill someone with your iPhone unless you tried bludgeoning them with the round corners and that would just be really awkward…

But wait! That is exactly what this infographic is telling your to do, although they recommend you drop your iPhone from a tall building to build terminal velocity instead of a brutal strike to the head. They also state this type of iPhone attack probably won’t work.

The iPhone infographic also recommends using the wired ear buds as a garrote to throttle your unsuspecting victim. Seems risky considering the flimsy cord. A more creative method of murder is mentioned; use the iPhone too transmit a signal that only an attack dog could hear and use that to have the dog attack your victim.

Lastly they devise a plan to conduct a lightning strike using the iPhones aerial antenna, but this won’t work with the iPhone 4. So only those who won’t shell out for a new iPhone are vulnerable to this type of attack.

The pitch is for the iPhone App AssassinMaster which can be found for the iPhone and Android phones. A “harmless” app that only visualizes you killing someone. Good fun to be sure.

The copy is very playful and written in a light-hearted manner. Not too long, not to short, just the right length to tell the story and get you to play along. The salesmanship of the piece isn’t heavy-handed and they give you some smirks along the way.

The obvious comic-book stylings are well done and serve the tone of the infographic very well. Colors are bright and effective and support the comic influence wonderfully. The assassin instructor is nicely illustrated, but overused. I would have liked to have seen some different facial expressions. They use the same illustration every time, just reversed in places. The other illustrations are silhouetted outlines and recognizable. But I did like the graphic style of the dog very much and felt it added a fun visual pop!

The kill-shot at the end was a little over the top, but I am squeamish at the sight of blood, so I’m probably in the minority thinking it was overdone. But it falls in line with the rest of the infographic’s tone and design and that is all you can ask for.

Good supporting infographic for a iPhone app that had quality design and sharp writing dead in its sights!

Design: A-

I love comics so I am biased, but a nice job on following the graphic theme. Points off for only one face on the “general.”

Information: A

This infographic really didn’t provide information so much as entertainment. Cleverly written with a soft sell for an iPhone app at the end.

Submitted by http://www.assassinmaster.com/