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Personal Debt in the UK

Personal Debt in the UK

Debt in the UK is still big news and causing a great deal of concern for households around the country as this recently published Infographic shows.

According to the Infographic ‘Personal debt in the UK’, a whopping 42% of adults are worried about debt, with 38% of those polled holding the rising costs of living as the main contributor to their financial problems.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design for this infographic is bold and bright. The interest rates are in a large font with bright colors making them stand out among all the other information.

Infographic Information: B

The information is a good breakdown of how personal debt is distributed in the UK. Even though the information is specific to the UK it is still useful to readers in other countries

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Identity Theft Facts and Figures

Identity Theft Facts and Figures


This gorgeous graphic, provided by blog.kgbpeople.com should give you a reason to be worried about identity theft if you weren’t already. If you thought that the advent of services like Lifelock have reduced identity theft in the U.S. over the past several years, I advise you to think again. According to this eye-opening graphic, identity theft has been on the rise since 2003. In 2003, a “mere” 10.1 million people found themselves the victims of identity theft. That number had been steadily decreasing until 2008 rolled around, when it began to balloon again. In 2009, 11.1 million people were the victim of identity theft.

Here’s are some stats sure to rattle your bones a bit. One in ten American consumers is the victim of identity theft, and 1.6 million households have had their bank accounts/and or debit cards stolen. The average taken from each identity theft victim amounts to $4,841. And the out-of-pocket cost to recover this money? $851 to $1,378. Now, here’s a tidbit sure to surprise you. About 50% of people learn their identities are stolen three months after the day of the crime. In horrid cases, 15% of victims didn’t learn that their identities had been compromised for four or more years. Here’s a scary piece of information to chew on: 70% of Americans have trouble removing negative information stemming from the theft of their credit reports.

The following stats also caught me by surprise:
–25.9 million Americans carry identity theft insurance (I thought it was less, and I also now wonder how many of them also pay companies like Lifelock to protect them).
–43% of people who have their identity stolen know the person who stole it. I find that stat rather telling.

Grading Scorecard

Design: A

The top portion of the graphic has a sort of “Andy Warhol thing” going on which I found appealing. A brown, light blue, aqua color scheme permeates through the graphic and gives it a unique, artsy feel.

Content: A-

There is no shortage of facts here, and to be more precise, there is no shortage of disturbing facts. If the purpose of this graphic is to make you worry a little about identity theft, I would say the graphic accomplishes that feat rather well. Overall, a superb graphic. In some ways, this graphic actually serves a public service. The makers deserve high praise for the time and effort spent to create this graphic.

Top 10 Pets Infographic

Top 10 Pets Infographic

Here is a organized statistical look at the 10 most popular pets in the United States, and the estimated price range of each. Rank is based on an estimated percent of households owning each animal, not on animal population. (Cats outnumber dogs, but since cat owners often have two cats or more, cat households remain in second place.

I wish this pet infographic had some color, but that may be just because I’m used to seeing so much (too much?) color in most of the infographics I critique. But it does relate a lot of information very efficiently and makes it quick to grasp and, at least to me, was something of interest. I own a fish and dog and have owned cats, ferrets and turtles. So pets are of interest to me. So, while this won’t win any design awards, it does its job without any fanfare and imparts a little trivia into our lives without assaulting your visual senses.

Top 10 Pets Infographic

source: http://christineparkdesign.com