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Santanna’s How to Throw a Changeup – Baseball Infographic

Santanna’s How to Throw a Changeup – Baseball Infographic

Sometimes infographics are used to teach rather than just present information in a format that is easy to “digest.” Of course, teaching you how to throw a changeup and doing it are two different things. But this infographic presents the instructions in a clear manner, with additional information on where it is best to throw the pitch.

Better infographics do more than just entertain and inform on the the focus on the pieces (how to throw a changeup), they also give a second (where best to throw the changeup) and sometimes third layer of information (how to identify the changeup if you are a batter) to engross you all the more. Batter up! This infographic is a homerun!

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source: nytimes

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New York Yankees Dominance in Baseball Infographic

New York Yankees Dominance in Baseball Infographic

New York Yankees Baseball Infographic

New York Yankees. The Best Team in Baseball? Yes.

As a long-suffering fan of the Baltimore Orioles, it pains me to have to review this baseball infographic. I’m the same as any non-Yankee fan, I despise the Yankees and didn’t much care for George Steinbrenner, God rest his soul, but you have to respect them and tip your baseball cap to them They have dominated a sport like few others have in any other sport, baseball or otherwise. So while I don’t care for them, there is probably more jealousy than any real reason to loathe them as completely as I do, must give them their due.

But enough of that diatribe, what about this sports infographic?

The artist has done a wonderful job inserting baseball-related objects (Bats, caps and baseballs. Oh My.) to create the graphs. I’d say almost whimsical, but the thoughtful use of bats as pie charts goes beyond and shows the artist’s imaginative qualities. And using the digital scoreboard as a bar graph really “hits a homerun”, much like the 600th of A-rod’s career, which he hit last week. ;-)

The amount of data showing the Yankees domination is staggering. No other Major League Baseball team comes close to the Yankees in any category. The number back up the title of the infographic and leave no room for doubt about which baseball team is the king of the Big Leagues. The top portion is a little hard to read and looks a bit “messy” but you have to reward the effort here and the timeline is a great supporting text to the argument of who is the best in baseball.

Infographics Scorecard

Design: B+
I’d have given it an A, but the top portion is a little muddy. Great use of baseball objects as graph elements.

Content: A-
The infographic’s content makes the right calls and show that the New York Yankees have no peer in baseball. Makes me want to gag. ;-)

Infographic by: School Grants Blog