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Mobile Gaming Gaining Popularity Infographic

Mobile Gaming Gaining Popularity Infographic

jackpot infographic

Being the proud owner of a iPhone 4 I understand the lure of mobile gaming all to well. This infographic does a solid job of presenting a wide range of information from number of companies developing mobile gaming applications to various characteristics of the mobile gamers. I was more than a little surprised to see that female mobile gamers outnumber the male mobile gamers. I guess us men need the big screen to fully pump up our testosterone to levels high enough to enjoy the gaming experience.

While the graphics are simple, using mostly muted colors and familiar geometric shapes, the vast amount of information almost dictates this type of minimalistic and ordered design. Graphics and words play well together, neither one dominating the other. The choice am modern font was a no-brainer and serves the design well. In fact, the entire infographic has the feel of being read on a mobile device. This is probably my perception and not the intent of the designer but it helps the piece feel more connected with its content.

And with this post, I begin my new rating scorecard.

Design: B-
Solid design, thoughtful use of colors, shapes and space.

Content: B-
Interesting, while not overwhelming.

source: http://jackpotcity.com/

Secret Intel on Android Apps and Games

Secret Intel on Android Apps and Games

This infographic is one that developers will appreciate since it gives some insight into android apps and games. So as the title says this infographic is really just for developers who will understand the terminology and concepts.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

The design of this infographic has a technical look and feel to it that developers who are reading it will appreciate.

Infographic Information: B

The information is specific but gives those who are interested in the information a better understanding of android apps and games.

Infographic provided by appflood.com

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