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Trusting Beards Infographic

Trusting Beards Infographic

Beards Infographic

Beards and facial hair certainly get a bad rap from time to time or should I say from fashion decade to fashion decade. Sometimes the mustache is in, sometimes it is out.What about the goatee? In fashion of not. The beard can be impressive or oppressive. Too much hair on the face can be shaggy, but Shaggy only had a tuft on his chin. Is that beatnik or cool or are they the same. Soul patch or Fu Manchu? What is your preference? The debate over beards and facial hair is a hairy one to be sure, but this handy dandy infographic on beards will help you make the wise choice.

If you are a man, what type of beard do you grow? What do you want your beard to say about your personality. And now you will know how to react when you see someone sporting a beard. No more getting to know someone, now a quick, snap judgment can be made as long as you carry this helpful infographic around.

In all seriousness, you need to click this infographic and view it at a larger size. The comedy is well groomed and trimmed up just right.

Graphics go great with the witty commentary. A fun infographic with no purpose other than to entertain.

Source: PixelSpread.com

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How To Get Rid of a Tattoo Infographic

How To Get Rid of a Tattoo Infographic

Infographic Showing Tattoo Removal

How to get rid of a tattoo? In this day and age that is a question asked more and more with tattooing being at an all-time high in popularity.

This infographic shows how to get rid of a tattoo quite nicely and with a nod to one of my favorite art styles, Art Nouveau. It looks as if an actual photograph was used of a woman and then stylized to resemble an illustration or computer graphic. In any case, it is done very well and is certainly eye-catching. Sex sells and this infographic does that with cheeky success, showing us just enough of the lower back and her lower back tattoo to garner the visual interest that all infographics crave. But this graphic isn’t all style, there is plenty of substance too. The procedure for removing tattoos is labeled and illustrated on the right using multiple tattoo removal methods.

This tattoo infographic goes a step further and give interesting statistics on how many people regret getting a tattoo, what types of tattoos are most popular (butterfly, tribal, star, flower, etc.) and what ages. Finally it wraps it up with some medical conclusions and advice about whether to get  tattoo or not. A lot of information is contained in a very organized fashion with just enough graphics to keep it um…interesting.

This is one infographic that, unlike the tattoo of my ex, I won’t want removed.

source: http://www.reflectionscenter.com

Men’s Biggest Fashion Crimes

Men’s Biggest Fashion Crimes

Men sometimes have a hard time understanding what is in style and what is not. This infogaphic breaks down some of the biggest fashion mistakes men make when dressing.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B

The design for this is good in that it is broken down into different sections that discuss a specific topic. I like the little images of Freddie throughout the infographic giving fashion tips. The colors work well together and give the infographic a modern manly feel. I like the charts that are used for the statistics because they highlight important information and really showcase what the reader needs to see.

Infographic Information: B+

The information is extremely helpful especially to men who might not even realize they are making these mistakes. I did appreciate that the infographic actually lists certain items that should never be worn. I found that section to be hilarious but very true. This information was interesting and I know someone will find it very helpful.

Infographic provided by Jacamo

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What Do Your Colors Say About You?

What Do Your Colors Say About You?

Many people put a lot of thought into what they wear and what color they wear. This infographic says that what color we wear says something about us to others. Check out the infographic to see what your clothes are telling others about you.


Infographic Review

Infographic Design: B+

Writing an infographic means that you need to make sure you include lots of colors. This infographic did a great job of making the infographic colorful and fun to read. I think that the title looked good with every letter being a different color which went will with the information. The sections are clearly defined by each color and the images in each section went well with the attitude of the color. The format for each color is the same which gives a uniform feel to the infographic making it look clean. The light grey background behind each color section allow for the color being discussed to standout. The design of this infographic was clearly given a lot of thought and that is easy to see.


Infographic Information: B

A color does say a lot about who you are and the information about each color gives readers a clear understanding of what the color portray. I think that most of the information about each color made sense to me especially saying that red meant aggressive because I can see that being true. While this does not mean that you are aggressive because you wear read but it sends the message to others that you are. So this information can be important for dates, interviews, and nights at the bar because you can dress in a certain color to portray yourself differently. I thought the information was useful for everyone and makes you think twice before you put on your clothes.

Infographic provided by Starfashion.se

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High Street Shops – Rise and Fall Infographic

High Street Shops – Rise and Fall Infographic


Britain’s High Street may have been hit by the recession, however this information-heavy infographic throws up some surprising tidbits on my fellow countrymen’s shopping habits. Before I get into the nitty gritty, I’ll confess I’m a Brit, though I now live in the US. I was born and raised ‘Oop Northe, but exported myself to the lager-drinking ‘Sarf and raised some Essex boys and girls. With that off my chest, I can throw my mud without fear of the cries of rampant, regional prejudice.

Initial Reaction

I didn’t like it.

Pastel shades turn me off: you are supposed to be portraying information in a concise and attention grabbing fashion, so why use sickly shadow coloring? Be like the SAS (British Special Forces), whose motto is “He Who Dares Wins”, but this piece scored high on the wimp-o-meter with poor attention-grabbing power.

The interaction between the data bars for 2008 and 2010 underlined my initial lack of confidence. Indeed, I thought it looked suspiciously like a first, faded draft of a truncated London Underground tube map sans station names.

Information Reaction

When I started to look deeper into the information portrayed, I felt myself getting hooked. This kind of thing always does with me. My favorite part of the piece was the regional hotspots which, despite the pastel shading, clearly presented the information.

London has more restaurants than the rest of the country and of course, fine dining requires fine clothing, so London’s High Streets also boast more clothing stores. That makes sense to me.

The North-South divide is made clear with the number of fat people directly correlated with the concentration of takeaways (fast food for my American cousins), in the North of the country. Alas, as a Brit in the US, this only made me yearn for chips, mushy peas, pudding and gravy…twice!

One surprise for me was that the Welsh have such a higher concentration of pubs on their High Streets than the rest of the country, even London. This may have something to do with the state of Welsh rugby and the need to drown sorrows, but one glaring sign of whiteness was around London itself. Something didn’t ring true for me.  According to this infographic, London has the lowest concentration of the country.  Now I may be wrong on this, but I seriously must question the data on that, though if true, it is a shame this wasn’t highlighted and drawn out more.

Another surprise for me was that the hairy Scots have a higher incidence of hairdressers. I expect this can be explained by the need for all that Celtic hairiness creating demand.  However, it is usually the English who are viewed as more, shall we say ‘effeminate’, by our northern coiffured neighbors. This may also be explained by the parlous state of Scottish rugby at the moment, with husbands and boyfriends losing huge bets with wives and girlfriends. Long may that continue.

Design: C-

A lack of boldness, sickly colors and the London Underground-style comparative chart just turned me off. What saved this from an F were the 6 regional hotspot maps of the country.

Information: A+

Loved the information with the regional hot spot maps. Could have drawn out some of the big points a little more, but in a way this was a good thing because it made me curious. In other words, it gave me just enough to leave me wanting more.

via:  simplybusiness.co.uk/knowledge from simplybusiness.co.uk


Stardoll 100 Million Teens Infographic

Stardoll 100 Million Teens Infographic

stardoll infographic

Doing infographic reviews is never dull, but sometimes I am a little more challenged than usual. Such was the case when asked to do a review for an infographic about Stardoll.com, the world’s largest online fashion and games community for girls! I didn’t add the exclamation point, that is their tagline on their site. So my challenge is that I’m an adult male without a daughter young enough to be a part of this online community, so I have very little in common with the information in this infographic. But then again I don’t have a lot in common with surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s artwork either, but I sat through an art auction and watched in horror as my wife bought a woodcut print for $365 named Purgatory 15 – Envy. Email me if you are interested in buying it, but I digress…

Infographics have really taken off, which is one of the reasons I started this site, and their uses have been focused on the marketing game which works especially well for internet marketing. No printing costs and fast distribution across the web make the infographic a great vehicle. And what better way to market a site aimed at young girls? After all, Stardoll is the largest online community for girls who love fashion, making friends, shopping, decorating and being creative! Again, their words, not mine. ;-) But this infographic’s info supports that boast and follows the site’s look and feel very well.

Bright purples and happy, sparkling starbursts provide a striking background for this charming infographic targeted to their younger female audience. Only problem is there isn’t a lot of information here and it focuses solely on Stardoll’s site growth. A few facts about Stardoll would have been welcome. Provide us some information about the site’s functionality. Why is it so popular? If you are going to use this infographic to tout your site’s growth, give us a few reasons why it has grown so popular. Seems like a marketing opportunity slipped passed when this was being written. The stats provided are very basic and the graphics are simple as well. Some quality fashion illustrations are included to support the items sold in the “starplaza” but other than that, even the graphics are sparse.

This could have been a fun graphic, but instead it feels rushed, both lite on information and design. Even my review is lite, because there just isn’t that much to review. Maybe when they reach 200 million another more detailed infographic will follow.

This infographic left me in a purple haze, when i wanted to be in the purple rain.

Design: C+

Love the fact that the infographic followed the site’s design lead but wasn’t wow’ed by anything that was done.

Information: C

Too few facts and nothing about the site, or company itself. If you are promoting how popular it is, tell us why.

Stardoll Infographic provided by Stardoll, please visit for more information.