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Shocking CO2 Emissions Infographic

Shocking CO2 Emissions Infographic

China’s population is significantly larger than that of the United States.  Now, you might think, based on this, that it would emit substantially more carbon dioxide than the U.S., but does it?  Well, even though China has 1,338,410,002 inhabitants compared to our 309,636,137 inhabitants, it only emits about 400,00 more tonnes of CO2 than the U.S., as the below infographic supplied by Fly.co.uk demonstrates.  Americans are quite the consumption hogs, aren’t they.

The infographic below puts many carbon dioxide emission horrors on full display.  Did you know, for instance, that Westminister & the Bank of England consume enough energy to pump out 21,356 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.  That’s the same amount of carbon dioxide that would be emitted if a car could drive to the moon and back 188 times (90 million miles).  Now, here’s a stat you probably won’t believe.  If everyone in the United States became a vegetarian for seven days, we would save about 700 megatons of greenhouse gas emissions, which is the equivalent to taking all the cars off the road in the U.S.  So, put down that hamburger! We’ve got 700 megatons of greenhouse gas to eliminate.


Funeral Costs Infographic

Funeral Costs Infographic


Not a happy topic, but something everyone needs to know about.  This infographic gives you the costs of funerals depending on the country.  We’re given costs for Russian, Spain, Germany, the U.S., Great Britain, and China.


A funeral costs £520 (US $830) but you’re hard-pressed to find a burial plot in Moscow.  There are so few available that they are only reserved for major politicians and “mafia.”


£2520 (3000 Euros) will get you a funeral, and you can get one from a mobile undertaker in Northern Spain.  The mobile undertaker even offers a “Chapel of Rest” and a “wakes” room.


After the 500 Euros the German government pays out to each family paying for a funeral, the cost is £3530, or 4200 Euros.


With the average coffin running around $3000, everything all put together costs $13500 for a typical American funeral.  That’s £8500 if you’re wondering.

Great Britain

Right now, it costs about £2860 for a funeral, but by 2015 it will cost £3500 because of inflation.


A funeral only costs 15000 Yuan, or £1260, but the government has put the kibosh on the tomb-futures market, which means burial land is limited.


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It’s pretty Halloween-y, but that’s better than it looking like the inside of a funeral parlor or something.

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It’s stunning to see how expensive a funeral is in the U.S., compared to other countries.

Source:  bainesandernst.com


Best Wines to Order When Flying Infographic

Best Wines to Order When Flying Infographic

Best Wine to Order When Flying the Friendly Skies

Wine!  Want to drink wine on a plane?  This infographic will tell you which ones are best.

Flying Wines

Red Wines

British Airways has a nice Malbec, while Emirate has a lovely Syrah.  Air France has a good Syrah as well.  KLM has a good Cabernet Sauvignon, and Virgin has a good Cabernet Sauvignon as well.

White Wines

EasyJet has a Cotes de Gascogne, while SAS has a nice Sauvignon.  Virgin and KLM have good Sauvignon Blancs, and Ryanair has a decent Veneto Garganega Trebbiano.

Who Drinks on Planes?

89% of 400 people polled drink on airplanes.  23% drink wine, 9% drink beer, 14% drink liquor, 24% drink soft drinks, and 19% drink water.

Top 20 Biggest Drinkers

Portugal is #1, Spain is #20.  See the infographic for all the ones in between.  the US isn’t on the list.

More Wine Facts

China is the 7th top wine producing nation.  Argentina produces 50% more wine than Australia.  Italy produces the most Prosecco. Vinexpo projects that the US will be the #1 wine consuming nation by 2014.  It would take 1.1 million bottles of wine to fill an Airbus A380 fuel tank.

Italy produces enough wine annually to fill 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or 20 billion cups of coffee.


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Kinda fuzzy, bu t the colors are very attractive.

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Who knew?

Source:  Flying Wines Infographic via http://www.skyscanner.com/