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SEO Infographic – Link Data Visualization

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When it comes to SEO, it can be difficult to explain the difference between quantity and quality to those who are looking for the fastest way possible to rank their websites on Google and other major search engines. Especially when website or business owners start looking at what is working for their competitors and want to follow in their footsteps, which can be especially frustrating to those who know that high quality link building, in the long run, will be much more effective and prevent your website from getting dinged by the search engines.

One of the best ways to simply explain something is by simplifying the main points and placing it into a data visualization. So what does quality link building and expensive beer have in common?  Find out in this awesome, animated infographic!  Click on the image below and hover over the link building types to learn more about the quality of each and how to obtain them as well as see how many PR 1 links do you need to equal the value of a higher PR link.

Source: SEO Infographic – Link Data Visualization

Spring Break Statistics & Facts

Spring Break Statistics & Facts

Spring break in Ft. Lauderdale has gained legendary status and from the spring break infographic you can see why. If you want to kick up your usual debauchery several notches, then a trip to the east coast of Florida is the place to do it. Sex, alcohol and police altercations all rise substantially. Students overrun the town and it has gotten so bad that in 1985 the mayor at the time stated students were no longer welcome. Seems that hasn’t deterred many of our future leaders from continuing on their mission for self indulgence.


Don’t feel like sleeping around and getting drunk? There are lots of other things to do in Florida:

  • The Sunken Gardens has become a landmark in the Clearwater area, a favorite among both locals and tourists. After avid gardener and resident, George Turner filled seven acres with over 1,000 flowers and plant in 1935, he opened the area to the public. The entire garden is located 15 feet below the street level and also boasts intricate water features and is home to scores of butterflies.
  • The Treasure Island neighborhood offers both white sandy beaches and exciting nightlife attractions.
  • Explore nearly 245 acres of marshlands, forests and shoreline just south of the St. Petersburg city limits. Walking tours during both daytime and evening hours allow you to see native wildlife, such as the popular Florida alligator. The park also offers children’s activities and day camp experiences.
  • The Pier Aquarium is a splendid way to end an afternoon spent enjoying the beach, or rainy day alternative. Discover native marine creatures, vegetation and plants. Interactive exhibits may be designed to educate children, but are entertaining for adults as well. Sunday is the busiest day to visit the aquarium due to the reduced admission rates.
  • If you are in the mood for adventure, get a bird’s eye view of the Gulf Coast at Safari Choppers. The pilot whisks you over the Greater St. Petersburg area while sharing insight on both the history and attractions of the region.
  • Get off the beaten path and watch local surfers dance with the waves. The beach and adjacent picnic area are clean, serene and very popular with shell collectors.
  • Orlando Themepark Attractions can help you find tickets for these and other attractions and activities in Florida.

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Where is the Best Beer in America Infographic

Where is the Best Beer in America Infographic

This is our second featured infographic on alcohol, (see our wine infographic) and this one has bit more graphic and little less info, but it still rates highly on our visual appeal scale. It can be difficult to use a map in an infographic, especially when every state figures into the equation, as in the case below, but the artist has done a nice job to simplify the data. While this infographic is confusing at first glance, the bar graphics are done well enough that you are rewarded with some interesting facts after a few seconds of focus. This infographic isn’t a simple task in organization set up for the general reader, it is more for the beer enthusiast who is willing to take some time to learn more about where to find the best beer in America.

The Best Beers in America Infographic

Source: ale2ale.com

Why Craft Beer Is Booming

Why Craft Beer Is Booming

The craft beer industry is booming, meaning it’s harder for your beer to stand out in the crowd. The newest infographic from 99designs highlights what steps you need to take to design the perfect label for your beloved brew!


Best Wines to Order When Flying Infographic

Best Wines to Order When Flying Infographic

Best Wine to Order When Flying the Friendly Skies

Wine!  Want to drink wine on a plane?  This infographic will tell you which ones are best.

Flying Wines

Red Wines

British Airways has a nice Malbec, while Emirate has a lovely Syrah.  Air France has a good Syrah as well.  KLM has a good Cabernet Sauvignon, and Virgin has a good Cabernet Sauvignon as well.

White Wines

EasyJet has a Cotes de Gascogne, while SAS has a nice Sauvignon.  Virgin and KLM have good Sauvignon Blancs, and Ryanair has a decent Veneto Garganega Trebbiano.

Who Drinks on Planes?

89% of 400 people polled drink on airplanes.  23% drink wine, 9% drink beer, 14% drink liquor, 24% drink soft drinks, and 19% drink water.

Top 20 Biggest Drinkers

Portugal is #1, Spain is #20.  See the infographic for all the ones in between.  the US isn’t on the list.

More Wine Facts

China is the 7th top wine producing nation.  Argentina produces 50% more wine than Australia.  Italy produces the most Prosecco. Vinexpo projects that the US will be the #1 wine consuming nation by 2014.  It would take 1.1 million bottles of wine to fill an Airbus A380 fuel tank.

Italy produces enough wine annually to fill 200 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or 20 billion cups of coffee.


Design:  B

Kinda fuzzy, bu t the colors are very attractive.

Information:  A

Who knew?

Source:  Flying Wines Infographic via http://www.skyscanner.com/