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Data Protection Infographic (Video Infographic)

Another wonderfully creative video infographic created by Storagepipe.com, a major provider of online backup, business continuity and compliance services for larger companies. Specifically, the company helps organizations cope with the special challenges that come from exponential data growth and online backup.

Companies are now producing and sharing more data than ever, while new regulations are forcing these same companies to store their data for longer periods of time. This brings up some very complex problems that might not be always obvious to non-technical decision makers in areas such as Finance, Accounting or Legal.

In order to illustrate these points in a fun, easy-to-understand way, Storagepipe put together this short introductory infographic video about emerging data management trends.

My only criticism would be the choice of music. I couldn’t quite make out the words being repeated, but that is the point. I was trying to listen to the words when I should have been paying attention the text and graphics being presented. It might be better to go with a less invasive instrumental piece of music that doesn’t fight for the users attention. Other than that I applaud this effort and hope to see more of this new media push in the future.

How much is a petabyte infographic

How much is a petabyte infographic


The preceding infographic, provided by the online storage site Mozy, is an intense look at all the qualities of a petabyte, which is equal to one quadrillion bytes. Quite a lot of memory, right? To put things into perspective, one single petabyte is equal to 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets filled with text, as the graphic notes. It’s also equal to 13.3 years of HD-TV video. So, how much are 1.5 petabytes equal to?  That’s the size of 10 billion photos on Facebook. When you start getting into 20 petabytes, you begin looking at crazy numbers, for 20 petabytes is the amount of data that Google processes on a single day. And get this, the total manufactured hardrive space in 1995 was equal to about 20 petabytes.  Ready for  a stat sure to shake you out of your boots? 50 petabytes, only 30 more than 20 obviously, is equal to the entire written collection of work by all of mankind (in all languages) since the dawn of civilization.  So, when you consider that Google processes 20 petabytes in a single day, it’s not inconceivable at all to think it will one day have records of every single text in human history. I mean, they are already processing more than 50 petabytes of data in a given week.

Since this graphic was created by Mozy, you might be wondering how many petabytes Mozy has stored, and the answer to that question is roughly 15 petabytes.  The graphic contains many intriguing facts, such as the fact that that worldwide datacenters now annually consume as much energy as Sweden. Hardrives are getting larger and larger, but they remain affordable because the price of them continues to go down. In 2007, Hitachi announced the world’s first terabyte hard drive which holds 1000 Gigabytes.  One company, Colossal storage, predicts that it will have a 1.2 petabyte hard drive on the market in the next 2-5 years.  Ok, let’s jump into the grading portion.

Design: A-

The graphic doesn’t rely on fancy gimmicks–it goes for elegant simplicity, and it delivers.  The graphic’s plain yet visually appealing color scheme shows in many ways how less is more.

Content: A-

I am giving the content high marks as well.  A top-notch research job by Mozy.  A superb collection of facts. A cool, silicon avatar. Overall, a very impressive graphic.